Biochemistry and Nutrition-Upcoming Seminar

Wednesday, March 22th 2017

Animal Science's Seminar Room at 12:10

Connecting the Dots between Livestock,
their Environmental Burdens, Dietary Preferences,
and Food Security in the US

Alon Shepon

Weizmann Institute of Science


Feeding a growing population while minimizing environmental degradation is a global challenge. It is now clear that because of the enormous regional to global impacts of livestock on air and water quality, biodiversity, land use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, adequately feeding 9 plus billion humans will require thoroughly rethinking food production and consumption. Because they strongly impact food production, dietary preference play a major role in food systems with major impacts on the environment and public health. Recent analyses link environment, economy and health through the diet nexus, highlighting the huge environmental mitigation potential of changing diets (especially reduction in beef consumption) comparable to changes in agriculture productivity. In this talk I will present an on-going research that assesses the environmental burdens of individual animal-based food items in the American food system and quantifies the ramifications of potential dietary changes to resource usage and food availability.  

Alon Shepon is an environmental scientist studying food systems, ecology and sustainability. His current research aims to understand the environmental implications of production and consumption of animal-based products within the US food system and on a global scale. Together with his interest in environmental sciences and in permaculture design, his engagement with the Israeli Forum for Sustainable Nutrition is focused on implementing sustainable food systems and diets in Israel.