Biochemistry and Nutrition-Upcoming Seminar

Wednesday, December 28th 2016

Room 3114 at 12:00

Regenerate like a planarian:
an in vivo system for studying stem cell biology and injury responses

By Omri Wurtzel


Regeneration, the process of growing missing tissues, is used by diverse animals for recovering from injuries. In the past, progress in the study of regeneration was constrained by lack of appropriate model organisms, but in recent years this has significantly changed. Planarians, immortal triploblastic flatworms, have emerged as a major model in regeneration research because of their capacity to regrow any missing part of their bodies using a vast population of adult stem cells. My talk will focus on two projects that I pursued using the planarian system:
(1) How injuries promote regeneration of missing tissues; and
(2) how stem cells determine the cell types they will differentiate to.
These studies reveal interactions between planarian stem cells and the differentiated tissues. Interactions that facilitate the remarkable regenerative power of planarians.