Name Project(s) Degree in the lab Current position
Marina Shudler Kinase dynamics MSc Software developer in Tower Watson, UK
Dr. Shu Cheng Kinase dynamics Postdoctoral fellow Postdoc in the US
Dr. Noga Kowalsman Molecular recognition in GPCRs Postdoctoral fellow Computational chemist at HepRx LTD
Yonatan Aisner Thioredoxin mimetic peptides Undergrad Graduated
Anat Levit Molecular recognition in GPCRs, bitter taste PhD Postdoc in UCSF
Morin Shavro Kinase dynamics MSc Software developer, Prodware
Ayana Wiener Molecular recognition in GPCRs, bitter taste MSc PhD student in the lab
Dr. Avi Ben-Shimon Peptides dynamics and design Postdoctoral fellow Independent consultant
Nitzan Sharabi Ligand-based virtual screening Amirim Undergraduate Ministry of Health
Maria Verbov Bitter taste recognition MSc Davidson Institute, WIS
Mazi Elyahu Bitterness and toxicity MSc, non-research Graduated
Lizi Hazan Bitter taste of peptides Amirim Undergraduate MSc at WIS
Shira Cheled Bitter recognition by chicken receptors PhD (joint with Prof. Uni) Graduating in 2016
Dr. Michal Slutzki Protein-protein interactions Postdoctoral fellow Computational scientist, FuturX Biotech Accelerator
Daniel Taieb Peptide folding and docking Undergrad Graduated
Nitzan Cohen-Amin Effects of bitter and sweet taste on mood MSc PhD student in the lab
Dr. Malkeet Singh Molecular recognition in GPCRs, bitter taste Postdoctoral fellow Postdoc in Bar Ilan University
Dr. Shira Cheled-Shoval Taste perception mechanisms in chickens’ PhD Graduated
Ava Xue Phylogenetic analysis of taste receptors MSc PhD at BIU
Yaron Ben Shoshan-Galeczki The sweet taste receptor MSc PhD student in the lab
Natalie Ben Abu Sensory analysis of sugars and salts MSc PhD student in the lab
Antonella Di Pizio Bittertaste receptors Postdoctoral fellow Junior PI at the Technical University of Munich
Ido Nissim Bitter taste and toxicity MSc Yandex data scientist