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Sam Saguy, D.Sc.

Sam Saguy, D.Sc.

Former Students

M. Sc. Degree

  • Eliahu Cohen. The Effect of Water Activity and Moisture Content on the Stability of Beet Powder Pigments, 1982.
  • Rachamim Palombo. The Effect of Water Activity on Quality Factors of Enriched Dehydrated Milk Powder During Storage, 1984.
  • Dorit Rassis. Quality Losses in Aseptic Citrus Products, 1993.
  • Sigalit Berenzon. Extention of Shelf-Life of Military Ration Biscuits, 1993.
  • Galia Cukierman. Factors Affecting External Corrosion of Twist-Off Caps, 1996.
  • Moshe Rubnov. The Effect of Surface Properties on Oil Uptake in Deep Fat Frying of Food Systems, 1997.
  • Yohai Ben Zikri. Fat Oxidation in Stored Frozen Fish, 1997.
  • Keren Gancz. Mechanism of Reducing Oil Uptake and Enhancing Crispness by Coating of Deep Fat Fried Products (in collaboration with Prof. A. Nussinovitch). 2000.
  • Dina Dana. Prevention of Oil Deterioration during Frying with Water Injection. 2002.
  • Alejandro Marabi. Reconstitution of Dry Food Particulates: Kinetics and Mechanism, 2003.
  • Vera Hershkovits. Effect of 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) on Ripening Processes in Avocado and Mango Fruits. (in collaboration with Dr. E. Pesis), 2004.
  • Oranit Troygot. Modeling Rehydration of Porous Food Materials (in collaboration with Prof. R. Wallach). 2010.
  • Eynav Kliger. Controlled Exogenous Enzyme Imbibition and Activation in Whole Chickpea Seed Enzyme Reactor (SER) In collaboration  with Prof. L. Fischer). 2010.
  • Paula Carolina Bonafede Kotli. Quantification of Open Innovation Status, Practices and Utilization in The Israeli Food Industry (in collaboration with Prof. A. Heiman), 2015.

Ph. D. Degree

  • Eliahu Cohen, Development of a Kinetic Model for Food Quality Losses during Thermal Processes and Evaluation of its Extension to Storage Conditions (in collaboration with Prof. H. Mannheim and Prof. Y.Birk). 1994.
  • Eli Pinthus, Characterization of Oil Uptake in Deep Fat Frying of Food Systems, 1995.
  • Dorit Kedar Rassis, Learning the Governing Mechanisms of the Physical and Structural Characteristics of a Cellular Solid and Their Influence on Quality Parameters in Food. (in collaboration with Prof. A. Nussinovitch), 1999.
  • Eli Shlevin , Thermal Control of Soil Borne Pathogens: Quantification, Prediction and Survival under various Temperature Regimes in Greenhouse Space during its Solarization (in collaboration with Prof. J. Katan and Prof. Y. Mahrer). 2001.
  • Tammy Meiron Zajman, Studying the mechanism controling adhesion of food coating. 2006.
  • Alejandro Marabi (in collaboration with Prof. R. Wallach and Dr. A. Burbridge). 2008.
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