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Oded ShoseyovOded Shoseyov

Tel: +972-8-9489084

Fax: +972-8-9462283

E-mail: oded.shoseyov@mail.huji.ac.il





Research Interest

Nano Biotechnology, protein engineering and material sciences.

Research Projects:

T2 RNase; anti-angiogenic, proapoptotic protein.

Modification of plant cell-wall and fiber engineering in transgenic plants

Molecular farming of recombinant Human type I collagen in tobacco

Polysaccharide binding modules (CBMs)

SP1- A novel molecular scaffold for nano-biotechnology

Recombinant resilin, a polymeric protein for bio-composite materials.

Recombinant spider sik.

Nano Crystalline Cellulose fibers (NCC) for industrial and medical applications.

Bio-composites for regenerative medicine

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Selected Publications

  1. Yaari A, Posen Y, Shoseyov O. Liquid Crystalline Human Recombinant Collagen: The Challenge and the Opportunity. Tissue Eng Part A . 2013 Jan 31; [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 23368756.
  2. Wang HY, Li Y, Qin LX, Heyman A, Shoseyov O, Willner I et al. Single-molecule DNA detection using a novel SP1 protein nanopore. Chem Commun (canb) 2013 Feb; 49(17):1741-3. PMID: 23340583.
  3. Willard JJ, Drexler JW, Das A, Roy S, Shilo S, Shoseyov O et al. Plant-Derived Human Collagen Scaffolds for Skin Tissue Engineering. Tissue Eng Part A . 2013 Feb 28; [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 23298216.
  4. Shilo S, Roth S, Amzel T, Harel-Adar T, Tamir E, Grynspan F et al. Cutaneous Wound Healing After Treatment with Plant-Derived Human Recombinant Collagen Flowable Gel. Tissue Eng Part A . 2013 Feb 19. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 23259631
  5. Shoseyov O, Posen Y, Grynspan F. Human Recombinant Type I Collagen Produced in Plants. Tissue Eng Part A . 2013 Feb 5. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 23252967.
  6. Lapidot S, Meirovitch S, Sharon S, Heyman A, Kaplan D L, and Shoseyov O. Clues for biomimetics from natural composite materials. Nanomedicine (Lond) . 2012 Sep; 7(9):1409-23. PMID: 22994958. PMCID: PMC3567446.
  7. De Leeuw M, González A, Lanir A, Roiz L, Smirnoff P, Schwartz Bet al. The 1.8 Å crystal structure of ACTIBIND suggests a mode of action for T2 ribonucleases as antitumorigenic agents. Med Chem . 2012 Feb 9; 55(3):1013-20. PMID: 22216760
  8. Qin LX , Yang L, Li DW , Jing C, Chen BQ, Ma W, et al. Long TL. Electrodeposition of Single-Metal Nanoparticles on Stable Protein 1Membranes: Application of Plasmonic Sensing by Single Nanoparticles. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2012 Jan 2; 50, 1 – 6. PMID: 22105926.
  9. Wolf A , Buchman A , Eitan A, Fine T, Nevo Y , Heyman A et al. Improved Adhesives Containing CNT / SP1 Nano Fillers. J. adhes. 2012 Apr; 88 (4-6), 435-51. (there isn’t PubMed version).
  10. Qin G, Rivkin A, Lapidot S, Hu X, Arinos SB, Dgany O, Shoseyov O, and Kaplan DL. Recombinant Exon-Encoded Resilins for Elastomeric Biomaterials. Biomaterials 2011 Dec, 32(35):9231-43. PMID: 21963157. PMCID: PMC3190647.
  11. Frasconi M, Heyman A, Medalsy I, Porath D, Mazzei F, Shoseyov O. Wiring of redox enzymes on three dimensional self-assembled molecular scaffold. Langmuir 2011 Oct 18; 27(20):12606-13. PMID: 21895003.
  12. Khoutorsky A, Heyman A, Shoseyov O and Spira M.E. Formation of Hydrophilic Nanochannels in the Membrane of Living Cells by the Ringlike Stable Protein-SP1. Nano Lett . 2011 Jul 13; 11(7):2901-4. PMID: 21651305.
  13. Shani N, Shani Z, Shoseyov O, Mruwat R, Shoseyov D. Oxidized cellulose binding to allergens with a carbohydrate-binding module attenuates allergic reactions. J Immunol . 2011 Jan 15; 186(2):1240-7. PMID: 21169552.
  14. Moraïs S, Heyman A, Barak Y, Caspi J, Wilson DB, Lamed R et al. Enhanced cellulose degradation by nano-complexed enzymes: Synergism between a scaffold-linked exoglucanase and a free endoglucanase. J Biotechnol. 2010 Jun; 147(3-4):205-11. PMID: 20438772.
  15. Medalsy I, Klein M, Heyman A, Shoseyov O.,Remacle F., Levine R.D., Porath D. Logic implementations using a single nanoparticle-protein hybrid. Nature Nanotechnology . 2010 Jun; 5(6):451-7. PMID: 20400968.
  16. Teper-Bamnolker P, Dudai N, Fischer R, Belausov E, Zemach H, Shoseyov O et al. Mint essential oil can induce or inhibit potato sprouting by differential alteration of apical meristem. .Planta. 2010 Jun; 232(1):179-86. PMID: 20390295.
  17. Qin G, Lapidot S, Numata K, Hu X, Meirovitch S, Dekel M et al. Expression, cross-linking, and characterization of recombinant chitin binding resilin. Biomacromolecules . 2009 Dec 14; 10(12):3227-34. PMID: 19928816.
  18. Behrens S, Heyman A, Maul R.S, Essing S, Steigerwald S, Quintiller A. S, et al. Constrained synthesis and organization of catalytically-active metal nanoparticales by self-assembled protein-templates. Adv Mater. 2009 Sep; 21,1-5. (there isn’t PubMed version)
  19. Stein H., Wilensky M., Tsafrir Y., Rosenthal M., Amir R, Avraham T, et al. Production of Bioactive, Post-Translationally Modified, Heterotrimeric, HumanRecombinant Type-I Collagen in Transgenic Tobacco. Biomacromolecules 2009 Sep 14; 10(9):2640-5. PMID: 19678700.
  20. Heyman A., Medalsy I., Bet Or O., Dgany O, GottleibM ,Porath D, et al. Protein Scaffold Engineering Towards Tunable Surface Attachment. Angew Chem Int Edi Engl 2009; 48(49): 9290-4. PMID: 19774580.
  21. Medalsy I, Dgany O, Sowwan M, Cohen H, Yukashevska A, Wolf SG, et al. SP1 protein-based nanostructures and arrays. Nano Lett . 2008 Feb; 8(2):473-7. PMID: 18193911.
  22. Heyman A, Levy I., Altman A. C and Shoseyov O. SP1 as a novel scaffold building block for self-assembly nanofabrication of submicron enzymatic structures. Nano Lett . 2007 Jun;7(6):1575-9. PMID: 17530810.
  23. Shoseyov O, Shani Z and Levy I. Carbohydrate Binding Modules: Biochemical Properties and Novel Applications. Microbiol. Mol. Biol. Rev. 2006 Jun; 70(2):283-95. PMID: 16760304.
  24. Wang WX, Dgany O, Wolf SG, Levy I, Algom R, Pouny Y et al. Aspen SP1, an exceptional thermal, protease and detergent-resistant self-assembled nano-particle. Biotechnol Bioeng. 2006 Sep 5; 95(1):161-8. PMID: 16732592.

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