External effects of open landscapes on crop pollination by wild bees Microbe-induced resistance against the whitefly Bemisia tabaci in tomato Predicting agricultural pest response to future climate change based on IPCC scenarios Mineral nutrition and bacterial fruit blotch disease of Cucurbits The role of volatiles in microbial interspecies interactions The role of fruit fly bacteria in pest fitness and in biocontrol A proactive approach for assessing alternative management programs for an invasive alien pollinator species Water management by plants under uncertain availability Biotransformation of olive mill waste: Combining detoxification with preservation of nutrients Dairy farm waste management and the breeding site of two fly pests


The center participates in purchasing scientific equipment that is available for use by center members. The following instruments have been purchased so far:

Accelerated Solvent Extraction 350 (ASE 350)

The ASE 350 is used for extracting organic compounds from solid samples using solvents at elevated temperatures and pressures. Allows quick and accurate analysis of compounds found at low concentration in matrixes that are often difficult to detect. The ASE 350 is being used intensively for the extraction of pharmaceutical compounds from soil, plant organs, manure and insects.

Department of Soil and Water Sciences
Contact Person: Moshe Shenker

Agilent 1220 Infinity Gradient LC System

An integrated LC system for conventional LC and UHPLC
Department of Soil and Water Sciences
Contact Person: Benny Chefetz

Sartorius Cubis® Micro Balance

Department of Entomology
Contact Person: Moshe Coll