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Faculty members

Ziv Bar-Shira
PhD, Senior Lecturer,
Agricultural production under uncertainty (applications to insurance), Technological change in agriculture, Non-parametric methods in economics

Dizza Bursztyn
PhD, Senior Teacher,
Bio-statistics, Para-clinical statistics, Design of experiments, Computer experiments

Avraham Ebenstein
Senior Lecturer
Environmental economics, Health economics, Economic demography

Eyal Ert
Associate Professor
Psychology of decision making and experiential learning under uncertainty, Social effects of risk perception and risk taking, Quantitative models of behavioral choice, Application of behavioral economics to resource conservation and environmental quality, Consumer learning and decision making

Eli Feinerman
Professor Professor (Emeritus)
Agro-environmental policies, Allocation of resources under uncertainty, Water use economics

Israel Finkelshtain
Associate Professor
Sectoral structure of agricultural markets, Environmental aspects of political economy, Environmental control, Bid economics, Measurement of technological change

Aliza Fleischer
Economics of tourism, Rural tourism, Valuation of ecosystem services, The sharing economy

Amir Heiman
Full Professor
Marketing, Marketing of agricultural products, food, and biotechnology, Risk and risk-reducing marketing tools, Production demonstrations, in-store tastings, Marketing strategy

Eithan Hochman
Professor Professor (Emeritus)
Economics of natural resources and environment, Agricultural research and development

Iddo Kan
PhD, Senior Lecturer
Political economy, Economic evaluation of natural and environmental values, Climate change, Biological pest control, Pollution of water sources and irrigation, Waste management

Ayal Kimhi
Associate Professor
Structural changes in family farms, Farmer’s time allocation between on-farm and off-farm work, Intergenerational continuity in family farms, Decomposition of inequality indexes, Agriculture in developing countries, Health, nutrition, and economic welfare

Zvi Lerman
Professor (Emeritus)
Agriculture in transition economies, Agricultural finance, Comparative efficiency of different farming systems, Agricultural cooperatives

Guni Orshan
PhD, Senior Teacher
Cooperative games, Bid economics, Economic applications of game theory

Ohad Raveh
PhD, Lecturer
Natural resource economics, Public economics, International trade

Judith Rivlin
PhD, Senior Teacher (retired)
Numerical analysis, Numerical solution of flow equations, Dynamic programming, Mathematical models in consumer economics

Avi Simhon
Associate Professor
Macroeconomics, Technological changes, Growth and development economics, Natural resource and water economics

Yacov Tsur
Natural resource and environmental economics, Dynamic models in natural resource management

Hillary Voet
Senior Teacher (retired)
Bio-statistics, Agricultural statistics, Regional planning under uncertainty


In Memoriam

Professor Yoav Kislev
Lifetime Achievement Award    In Memoriam    Collected Works
Israel agriculture, water economy, international economics, development economics, cooperation

Dr. Hana Lifson
Applied and numerical mathematics, control theory

Professor Yair Mundlak
Agricultural economics, growth and development, econometrics

Professor Yakir Plessner
Water recycling, monetary policy, capital markets, banking system

Professor Josef (Yossi) Yahav
Mathematical statistics, dynamic programming, risk and insurance, Third Government Statistician (1994-2001)

Professor Dan Yaron
Regional and agricultural planning, industrialization of agricultural sector, water economy, resource economics

Professor Pinchas (Siko) Zusman
Public policy, agricultural policy

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