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Seminar on Aging, Retirement and Pensions

Trends, Challenges and Policy

March 27-29, 2018 Leonardo Hotel Ashkelon

Tuesday, March 27

9:30-10:00 Registration and opening session

10:00-12:00 Session 1: Financial literacy (Chair: Niku Maattanen)
David Leiser (Ben Gurion University), "What Lay People Know about Pensions? Could it be Fixed with Financial Education?" [abstract] [presentation]
Uzi Segal (Boston College), "Are All 'Mistakes' Irrational?"[abstract] [presentation]
Daniel Gottlieb (National Insurance Institute and Hebrew University), "Life Expectancy and Retirement Age: Facts and Policy Considerations" [abstract][presentation]

12:00-13:00 Student session (Chair: Ayal Kimhi)
Shlomit Ortasse-Spiegel (The Hebrew University), "The Intersection Between Gender and Aging" [abstract][presentation]
Isaac Berthaus (The Hebrew University), "Life Expectancy Impact on Pension Systems" [abstract] [presentation]

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-16:00 Session 2: Social security and retirement (Chair: Avia Spivak)
Laurence J. Kotlikoff (Boston University), "U.S. Tax Reform and the Labor Supply Incentives of the Elderly" [abstract] [presentation]
Rob Alessie (University of Groningen and Netspar), "Wealth at the End of Life: Evidence on Estate Planning and Bequests" [abstract] [presentation]
Itay Saporta (Tel Aviv University), Ity Shurtz (Hebrew University) and Sarit Weisburd (Tel Aviv University), "Social Security, Labor Supply and Health of Older Workers: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from a Large Reform" [abstract][presentation]

16:00-16:30 Coffee break

16:30-17:50 Session 3: Pension reforms (Chair: Peter Haan)
Avia Spivak (Ben Gurion University and Van Leer Jerusalem Institute), "A Meta-Analysis of Pension Reforms in Israel and the World" [abstract] [presentation]
Adi Brender (Bank of Israel), "Social and Labor Market Effects of the Mandatory Pension Arrangement in Israel: Are People Smarter than We Give Them Credit for?" [abstract] [presentation]

18:15-20:00 Dinner (invited speakers only)

Wednesday, March 28

9:00-11:00 Session 4: Pensions and distribution (Chair: Shirlee Lichtman-Sadot)
Niku Maattanen (ETLA - The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy), "Pension Reforms and Inequality in a Nordic Welfare State" [abstract] [presentation]
Carsten Schröder (Free University Berlin and DIW), "Distributional effects of subsidizing retirement savings accounts: Evidence from Germany" [abstract] [presentation]

11:00-11:30 Coffee break

11:30-12:50 Student session (Chair: David Leiser)
Eyal Carmel (Ben Gurion University), "How to Reduce Money Leakage During Workplace Replacement?" [abstract] [presentation]
Hernan Rosenblum (Ben Gurion University), "Naïve Perceptions about Pensions" [abstract] [presentation]
Abigail Hurwitz (The Hebrew University and College of Management), "An Investigation of Time Preferences, Life Expectancy, and Annuity Choices"[abstract] [presentation]

12:50-13:50 Lunch

13:50-15:10 Session 6: Pension funds 1 (Chair: Rob Alessie)
Moshe Gerstenhaber, Shlomo Maital and Tsipy Buchnik (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology), "A Radical Solution to Pension Funding" [abstract] [presentation]
Ofer Setty (Tel Aviv University), "On the Asset Allocation of a Default Pension Fund" [abstract] [presentation]

16:00-18:30 Social event: Tour of Beta Israel Village in Kiryat Gat
a communal-social agriculture project for Ethiopian elders

19:00-21:00 Dinner (invited speakers only)

Thursday, March 29

9:00-11:00 Session 5: Family and gender issues (Chair: Carsten Schröder)
Lilach Lurie (Tel Aviv University), "Retirement and Pension Systems: A Gender Perspective" [abstract] [presentation]
Shirlee Lichtman-Sadot (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) and Edith Sand (Bank of Israel), "Safety Nets, Intrahousehold Bargaining and Economic Empowerment: Israel's Mandatory Pension Reform and Divorce Rates" [abstract] [presentation]
Ayal Kimhi (The Hebrew University and Shoresh Institution) and Reut Avioz (The Hebrew University), "The Labor Supply Impact of Raising the Retirement Age: Gender and Family Perspectives" [abstract] [presentation]

11:00-11:30 Coffee break

11:30-12:50 Session 7: Pension funds 2 (Chair: Lilach Lurie)
Abigail Hurwitz, Orly Sade and Eyal Winter (The Hebrew University), “Anchoring Bias in Annuity Choices: An Experimental Investigation" [abstract] [presentation]
Eytan Sheshinski (The Hebrew University and The Israel Democracy Institution) and Ido Kallir (Ono Academic College), "Who is Subsidized? Allotment of Earmarked Bonds in Pension Funds" [abstract] [presentation]

12:50-13:50 Lunch

13:50-15:50 Roundtable: Pension policy in Israel (Moderator: Orly Sade)
Ayal Kimhi (The Hebrew University and Shoresh Institution)[presentation]
Avia Spivak (Ben Gurion University and Van Leer Jerusalem Institute)
Adi Brender (Bank of Israel) [abstract]
Daniel Gottlieb (National Insurance Institute and Hebrew University)

15:50-16:20 Seminar conclusion


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