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1.08   Yair Mundlak, Rita Butzer and Donald F. Larson -
Heterogeneous Technology and Panel Data:
The Case of the Agricultural Production Function.

2.08     Zvi Lerman -
Tajikistan: An Overview of Land and Farm Structure Reforms. (PDF)

3.08    Dmitry Zvyagintsev, Olga Shick, Eugenia Serova and Zvi Lerman -
Diversification of Rural Incomes and Non-Farm Rural Employment:
Evidence from Russia.

4.08     Dragos Cimpoies and Zvi Lerman -
Land Policy and Farm Efficiency:
The Lessons of Moldova.

5.08      Ayal Kimhi -
Has Debt Restructuring Facilitated Structural Transformation on Israeli Family Farms? (PDF)

6.08     Yacov Tsur and Amos Zemel -
Endogenous Discounting and Climate Policy. (PDF)

7.08      Zvi Lerman -
Agricultural Development in Uzbekistan:
The Effect of Ongoing Reforms.

8.08   Iddo Kan, Ofira Ayalon and Roy Federman -
Economic Efficiency of Compost Production:
The Case of Israel.

9.08   Iddo Kan, David Haim, Mickey Rapaport-Rom and Mordechai Shechter -
Environmental Amenities and Optimal Agricultural Land Use:
The Case of Israel

10.08   Goetz, Linde, von Cramon-Taubadel, Stephan and Kachel, Yael -
Measuring Price Transmission in the International Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Supply Chain:
The Case of Israeli Grapefruit Exports to the EU.

11.08   Yuval Dolev and Ayal Kimhi -
Does Farm Size Really Converge? The Role of Unobserved Farm Efficiency. (PDF)

12.08   Jonathan Kaminski -
Changing Incentives to Sow Cotton for African Farms:
Evidence from the Burkina Faso Reform.

13.08   Jonathan Kaminski -
Wealth, Living Standards and Perceptions in a Cotton Economy:
Evidence from the Cotton Reform in Burkina Faso.

14.08   Arthur Fishman, Israel Finkelshtain, Avi Simhon and Nira Yacouel - 
The Economics of Collective Brands. (PDF)

15.08   Zvi Lerman -
Farm Debt in Transition:
The Problem and Possible Solutions.

16.08   Zvi Lerman and David Sedik -
The Economic Effects of Land Reform in Central Asia:
The Case of Tajikistan.

17.08   Ayal Kimhi -
Male Income, Female Income, and Household Income Inequality in Israel:
A Decomposition Analysis.

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