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1.10 Sjak Smulders, Yacov Tsur and Amos Zemel -
Uncertain Climate Policy and the Green Paradox
. (PDF)

2.10 Ayal Kimhi -
International Remittances, Domestic Remittances, and Income Inequality in the Dominican Republic
. (PDF)

3.10 Amir Heiman and Chezy Ofir -
The Effects of Imbalanced Competition on Demonstration Strategies
. (PDF)

4.10 Nira Yacouel and Aliza Fleischer -
The Role of Cybermediaries in the Hotel Market
. (PDF)

5.10 Israel Finkelshtain, Iddo Kan and Yoav Kislev -
Are Two Economic Instruments Better Than One? Combining Taxes and Quotas under Political Lobbying.
. (PDF)

6.10 Ayal Kimhi and Sarit Menahem -
Does Rural Household Income Depend on Neighboring Urban Centers? Evidence from Israel.
. (PDF)

7.10 Anat Tchetchik, Aliza Fleischer and Israel Finkelshtain -
An Optimal Size for Rural Tourism Villages with Agglomeration and Club-Good Effects.
. (PDF)

8.10 Gilad Axelrad, Tomer Garshfeld and Eli Feinerman -
Agricultural Utilization of Sewage Sludge: Economic, Environmental and Oganizational Aspects.
(Hebrew). (PDF)

9.10 Jonathan Kaminski and Alban Thomas -
Land Use, Production Growth, and the Institutional Environment of Smallholders: Evidence from Burkinabe Cotton Farmers.
. (PDF)

10.10 Jonathan Kaminski, Derek Headey and Tanguy Bernard -
The Burkinabe Cotton Story 1992-2007: Sustainable Success or Sub-Saharan Mirage?.
. (PDF)

11.10 Iddo Kan and Mickey Rapaport-Rom -
The Regional-Scale Dilemma of Blending Fresh and Saline Irrigation Water.
. (PDF)

12.10 Yair Mundlak -
Plowing Through the Data.
. (PDF)

13.10 Rita Butzer, Yair Mundlak and Donald F. Larson -
Measures of Fixed Capital in Agriculture.
. (PDF)

14.10 Amir Heiman and Oded Lowengart -
The Effect of Calorie Information on Consumers' Food Choices: Sources of Observed Gender Heterogeneity
. (PDF)

15.10 Amir Heiman and Oded Lowengart -
The Calorie Dilemma: Leaner and Larger, or Tastier yet Smaller Meals? Calorie Consumption and Willingness to Trade Food Quantity for Food Taste.
. (PDF)

16.10 Jonathan Kaminski and Eli Feinerman -
Agricultural Policies and Agri-Environmental Regulation: Efficiency versus Political Perspectives
. (PDF)

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