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Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University 
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Har-Adar 90836, Israel
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Last updated: March, 2008


Rural Economies in Transition (series)

Agriculture in Transition (book chapters)

Statistical Database of Transition Countries

Land Laws in Transition Countries

Agrarian Reform in Turkmenistan (Russian chapters, 2003)

BASIS Russia Project 2001 - 2004

Ukraine Agriculture after 2000: An FAO Study


Recent Papers:
Agriculture in Transition Economies: From Common Heritage to Divergence
Land Reform and Farm Restructuring in Moldova: A Real Breakthrough?
A Decade of Land Reform and Farm Restructuring: What Russia Can Learn from the World Experience
Perspectives on Future Research in Central and Eastern European Transition Agriculture.
Institutions and Technologies for Subsistence Agriculture: How to Increase Commercialization.
Agricultural Output and Productivity in the Former Soviet Republics.
Land and Farm Structure in Poland
Productivity and Efficiency of Individual Farms in Poland: A Case for Land Consolidation
Individual Farming as a Labor Sink: Evidence from Poland and Russia
Privatization of Land in Russia
Rural Livelihoods in Armenia
The Agricultural Sector of Slovakia on the Eve of EU Accession
New Contract Arrangements in Turkmen Agriculture: Impacts on Productivity and Rural Incomes
Farm Fragmentation and Productivity Evidence from Georgia
The Impact of Land Reform on Rural Household Income in Transcaucasia and  Central Asia
Land Consolidation as a Factor for Successful Development of Agriculture in Moldova.

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