Yakir Plessner


picture Head, 
Department of Agricultural Economics and 
Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University 
P.O.Box 12, Rehovot 76100, ISRAEL 
W:   972-8-9489373; 
H:    972-8-9468745; 
Fax: 972-8-9466267 
Email: yakir.plessner@mail.huji.ac.il

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Personal History

Business Address:  P.O. Box 12, Rehovot, Israel

Office phone: (08)948-9373

Office fax: (08)946-6267

Home phone: (08)946-8745


Date of Birth: January 18, 1935

Place of Birth: Haifa, Israel

Languages: Hebrew, English, German

Marital Status: Married, 2 children 

Academic Degrees:

1961     B.Sc. Agr., The Hebrew University

1963     M.Sc. Agr. Econ., The Hebrew University

1965     Ph.D., Iowa State University


a. Academic.

Current positions:     Associate professor, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem;

                                   Fellow, The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs;
Senior Fellow,         The Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies,
1973-96                     Senior lecturer, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
1992-93                     Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Economics,
                                    American University.
1987-88                     Visiting Professor, Department of Economics,
                                    Dartmouth College.
1985-86                     Joseph and Esther Foster Visiting Professor,
                                    Department of Economics, Brandeis University.
1977-78                     Research Consultant, Development Research Center,
                                    The World Bank
1971-73                     Visiting Lecturer, Department of Economics,
                                    University of Pennsylvania.
1967-73                     Lecturer, The Hebrew University.
1963-66                     Research Associate, Department of Economics,
                                    Iowa State University.
1962-63                     Research Assistant, Department of Economics,
                                    Iowa State University.
1961-62                     Research Assistant, Department of Agricultural Economics,
                                    The Hebrew University.
b. Non-academic.
1982-85                     Deputy Governor, Bank of Israel.
1981-83                     Economic Advisor to the Minister of Finance of Israel.


Part-time Employment

a. Academic.

Winter, 1994             Visiting professor, New Economic School, Moscow, Russia.

Summer, 1993          Visiting Scholar, Center for Study of Public Choice,

                                    George Mason University.
Summer, 1990         Visiting Professor, Department of Economics, Dartmouth
Summer, 1986         Visiting Professor, Department of Economics,
                                    George Mason University.
Summer, 1980         Visiting Lecturer, Department of Economics, Dartmouth College.
Summer, 1975         Visiting Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of
1966-69                     Visiting Lecturer, Department of Economics, Tel Aviv University.
Summer, 1965          Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Economics,
                                    University of Missouri at Columbia.


b. Non-academic:

Spring, 1997:             Appointed by Israelís Ministry of Agriculture to Recommend

                                    Changes In the Institutional Setup of Israelís Avocado Exports.
As of 10/1994:           Chief lecturer and tutor, Koret Project for Policy Interns
                                    (a program  of consultants to members of the Israeli legislature).
As of 11/1991:           Consultant with the Economic Adviser of the Ministry of
                                    Defense of Israel.
1990                            Member of the Commission for the Implementation of the
                                     Netanyahu Reform Recommendations for Israel's Health
1980                             Appointed by a subcommittee of the Israeli Legislature to
                                      submit a plan  for the reorganization of Israel's flower
                                      export system.
1979-81                       Consulted with Israel's Ministry of Defense on the
                                      construction of two military airfields in connection with
                                      the Camp David Peace Agreement.
Winter, 1977               Consulted with the World Bank on a study of subsidies
                                      in Mexico.
Fall, 1974                    Participated in the planning of, and teaching in a course
                                      for senior agricultural ministry officials in Iran.
Spring, 1970               Prepared a feasibility study on a citrus plantation project
                                    in Madagaskar,  for the Department of International
                                      Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture, Israel.
Spring, 1969               Consulted with Tahal Co. in connection with its development
                                      project  in Quasvin, Iran.


Additional Occupation


1.             Member, Securities Authority, State of Israel.

2.             Member, Board of Directors, Israel Chemicals.

Teaching Experience

Micro and macroeconomics at the introductory, intermediate and advanced levels; economics of uncertainty; mathematical programming; theory of investment; money and banking; operations research; econometrics at the introductory level; the economy of Israel.


1965         Member, Gamma Sigma Delta

1974         The Biannual Oded Levine Prize awarded by the

                  Operations Research Society of Israel.
1998         Koret Foundation First Prize for best paper on Israelís economy.



Doctoral Dissertation: Quadratic Programming Competitive Equilibrium

        Solutions for the U.S. Argicultural Sector, Ames, Iowa State University,
        II + 101pp.


a. Books, Monographs and Papers in Books

(i) In English

1.         (1994) The Political Economy of Israel: From Ideology to Stagnation,

            Albany, State University of New York Press, 328+xii pp.
2.         (1976) The Marketing of Israel's Citrus Fruit in Major European Markets,
            Rehovot, The Center for AgriculturaEconomics Research, x + 70 pp.
            (with E. Hochman and M.G. Kohn).
3.          (1976) "The Demand for Money in Israel", in Y. Kop and N. Halevi,
            eds.,  Studies in the Economy of Israel Jerusalem, Falk Institute for
            Economic Research, pp. 214-21.
4.         (1988) "Israel's Monetary Policy", in A. Rabushka and S. Hanke, eds.,
            Toward Growth: A Blueprint for Economic Rebirth in Israel, Jerusalem,
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5.         (1990) "Israel's Economy in the Post-Begin Era", in G. Mahler, ed.,
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6.         (1991) Post-Stabilization Monetary Policy in Israel (1985-1990),
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7.         (1992) Monetary Policy in Israel in 1991, Research Paper No. 12,
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8.         (1993) Monetary Policy in Israel in 1992, Research Paper No. 15,
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9.         (1994) Monetary Policy in Israel in 1993, Research Paper No. 19,
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10.      (1995) Inter-Enterprise Debt and the Russian Coal Industry, Report
            Submitted to the World Bank, 94 pp. + appendices (with Michael
            Bernstam and Thomas MaCurdy).
11.      (1995) Monetary Policy in Israel in 1994, Research Paper No. 23,
            Jerusalem, Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies, 17pp.


(ii) In Hebrew.

12.      (1990) "Two of the Historical Foundations of the Difficulties in

            Agriculture: Land Ownership and the Conquest of Labor" in
            Y. Kislev, ed., Technology, Cooperation, Growth and Policy, Jerusalem,
            The Magness Press, The Hebrew University, pp. 233-52.
b. Articles
(i) In English
13.       (1965) "Competitive Equilibrium - Application of Mathematical
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(ii) In Hebrew

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c. Book reviews.

(i) In English.

1.        (1996) Local Communities and the Israeli Polity, ed. Efraim Ben-Zadok,

            State University of New York Press, Ethnic and Racial Studies,
            vol 19, No. 3, 770-71


(ii) In Hebrew

2.         (1984) E. F. Schumacher, Small is Beautiful Originally published in

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3.         (1992) E. Tamari, Ecometria Jerusalem, Ecometria, 90 pp., Economic
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4.         (Forthcoming) Nachum T. Gross and Yitzhak Greenberg, Bank Haípoalim,
            The First Fifty Years, 1921-1971, Tel-Aviv, Am Oved, 1994, 598 pp.
Referried papers for: Am. Jour. Ag. Econ., Econometrica, J. Macroeconomics, J. Money, Credit & Banking.


Journalistic Activities

Published articles in all of Israel's major newspapers; write regularly for Globes, Israel's leading business paper. Had weekly talk spots on both of Israel's public radio networks.