What is Entomology?

Entomology is an independent scientific discipline which has its roots in biology. It is the study of insects, involving their biology and control in relation to their environment and to man. Insects also serve as excellent model organisms for studies in molecular biology, genetics, developmental biology, physiology, behavior and ecology.

Some entomologists are involved in reducing harmful insect species that destroy food, housing, plants and clothing, and cause discomfort and disease to humans, livestock and pets. Other entomologists develop methods to increase the growth rate and spread of the many insects which provide food (honey), pollinate crops or assist in destroying harmful insects.

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Where Do Entomologists Work?

Department Location

The Entomology Department is housed in several buildings on the Rehovot campus of the Hebrew University.

The main building, Eisenberg (Bldg 0705) houses the research groups of Ecotoxicology, Ecology, Reproductive Behavior, Developmental Biology library and a meeting room.

The molecular ecology group is housed in a nearby building.

The pollination ecology group is housed in the Benjamin Triwaks Bee Research Centre (Bldg 0715).

The acarology and insect physiology groups are located in the Kennedy Leigh building (Bldg 0751) .

Departmental research facilities such as greenhouses, insect rearing rooms, are located nearby. The entomology teaching lab is located in the Ariowitsch Central Laboratories Building (Bldg 0703).