bees in the hive entrance two bees in the hive entrance bee collected pollen Yael and Tal do a homing experiment


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Yael Katz holding 1 day old bees! Karmi and Yael Katz working on Yael's fatty acid experiment at the farm Karmi and Harmen ready to paint the flight room. A row of hives set up for an experiment. Tania, Yael Katz, and Karmi plant in the nectarivorous garden. Karmi, Tania, and Tal. Prof. Shafir and Haim hang vials for a preference test. Shlomi and Yael Katz. Free-flying forager chooses to drink from amino acid enriched nectar. A forager approaches a vial with artificial nectar enriched with amino acids. Prof. Shafir, Harmen, and Karmi - Homing Experiment. Yael Katz, Tal, Tania, and Karmi - Homing Experiment. Yael Katz, Tal, and Prof. Shafir - Homing Experiment. A marked bee finds her way home. Bees are fed sucrose enriched with amino acids before a homing experiment. Harmen - Homing experiment. Marked bees from several amino acid treatments are released for a homing experiment. Checking motivation before a proboscis extension response (PER) test. Proboscis extension Response (PER) tests. Fanning bees expose their Nasanov glands. Harmen - Hanging pheromone traps for Apis florea in Eilat. Apis florea in Eilat. Emerging bees. Foragers collect pollen from a dish. Dror and Dan paint hives. The apiary at the farm. Foragers collect an enriched diet. Diets made from flours. Haim teaches. Haim and Yael Katz - Homing Experiment. Homing workshop. Pollen forager. Pollen forager. Karmi and Tania - Homing Experiment. Our honey collection from around the world. Bee-collected pollen. Foragers collect pollen from a dish. Foraging honey bee. Artificial queen cells. Many bees are prepared for proboscis extension response (PER) tests. Shlomi! Tal prepares her flowers for color profile analysis. Tal teaches some students from Prof. Shafir's course. Tania - Homing Experiment. Karmi holds 1-day old bees. Yael Katz demonstrates a homing experiment.