Yael Mandelik’s CV (PDF)

Yael Mandelik's lab

I am an ecologist and conservation biologist working on the interaction between biodiversity, ecosystem functions and land-use change. Much of the work in my lab focuses on insect pollinators and pollination, as a central ecosystem service, and explores questions related to plant-pollinator interactions, pollination services to crops and wild plants, anthropogenic-induced changes in pollinator communities and tools to quantify these changes. We seek ways to restore communities of these beneficial insects in agricultural landscape and contribute to sustainable agriculture production and biodiversity conservation.


Ph.D. Biodiversity Conservation, Tel Aviv University, 2005

M.Sc. Ecology and Environmental Quality, Tel Aviv University, 1999

B.Sc. Animal Sciences, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1996

Research Interests

  • Ecosystem services
  • Pollination ecology
  • Biodiversity conservation and restoration
  • Biodiversity indicators



Selected Publications (since 2010)

Book chapters

Pisanty, G. & Mandelik, Y. 2011. Effects of alien species on plant-pollinator interactions: how can native plants adapt to changing pollination regimes? In: “Evolution of the Plant-Pollinator Relationships”, S., Patiny (editor), Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. pp. 414-438. PDF

Sapir, Y., Dorchin, A., & Mandelik Y. Environmental Indicators – Pollinator Decline. In: "Environmental indicators", R., Armon (editor), Springer (in press).


van Rijn, I., Neeson, T.M., & Mandelik, Y.  Reliability and refinement of the higher taxa approach for bee richness and composition. Ecological Applications (in press). PDF

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