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Rivka Elbaum Rivka Elbaum

Lab phone: (972) 08-9489335

Students' room phone: (972) 08-9489632

E-mail: rivka.elbaum@mail.huji.ac.il

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Research Interest

The questions we investigate relate to the correlation between the cell wall composition and structure, and its mechanical functions. We apply materials science approach to botanical samples, aiming to reveal biological mechanisms that are invisible to the conventional plant physiology methodology. In addition to the biological insight, this approach allows the incorporation of biological principles into technological applications, in the frame of biomimetics.

Main subjects

  • Seed dispersal - correlation between structure, composition, and mechanical function
  • Bio-silicification in higher plants.


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Members of the Group

Current Members

Shula Blum lab technician
Email: blumsh@agri.huji.ac.il

Nerya Zexer working on variation in sorghum silicification and drought tolerance
Email: neryazexer@gmail.com

Michal Arad working on the effects of silicon on leaves
Email: michalarad22@gmail.com

Victor Rodriguez working on silica precipitation by plant materials. Student at the SaLSA graduate school, Humboldt University, Berlin
Email: rodriguez.zancajo@gmail.com

​Tom Lindtner working on hygroscopically active plant fibers. Student at the SaLSA graduate school, Humboldt University, Berlin
Email: lindtner.tom@gmail.com

​Fikadu Biru working on silicon reducing dark induce senescence
Email: fikadun.biru@mail.huji.ac.il

Graduated students

Dr. Santosh Kumar worked on silicon mineralization in plants

Dr. Milan Soukup worked on root sorghum silicification

Oshry Markovich worked on silicon-related metabolism in plants

Dr. Yael Abraham worked on hygroscopic seed dispersal and smart textiles

Dr. Hagit Nissan worked on silica effects on the cells grown in suspension

Dikla Cohen worked on biosilicification in sorghum leaves

Yifat Tishler worked on production of bio-fuels from wheat straw

Dr. Ilana Shtein worked on the histology of movement in plants

Miriam Silva worked on changes in the structure of tomato peels under salt stress

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Lab phone number: (972) 08-9489632

Students' room phone number: (972) 08-9489962