Prof. Abraham Sztejnberg, Ph.D.

Contact Details:

Phone: +972 8 9489334
Fax: +972 8 9466794


  • Introduction to Plant Pathology.
  • Phytopathology in Orchard Crops.
  • Plant Diseases and the Environment.
  • Proseminar A in Plant Protection.
  • Proseminar B in Plant Protection.

  • Research Interests:

  • Phytoalexins in citrus.
  • Biological control of powdery mildews and downy mildews.
  • Insect and mite control by fungi.
  • Diseases of deciduous trees and grapes.
  • Biology, epidemiology and control of grape powdery mildew.
  • Integrated control of pepper powdery mildew.

  • Students and Post-doctoral Scholars:

  • S. Doron, M.Sc.
  • G. Mairovich-Rosenbaum, M.Sc.
  • N. Weiss, M.Sc.
  • A. Gafni, M.Sc.

  • Present:

  • U. Yichya, M.Sc.
  • S. Bakshi, M.Sc.
  • Y. Mesica, M.Sc.
  • C. Lahav, M.Sc.
  • M. Brand, M.Sc.
  • Z. Paz, M.Sc.
  • Z. Madar, Ph.D.
  • Y. Rotem, Ph.D.
  • S. Ovadia, Post-doctoral Associate
  • D. Lavan, Post-doctoral Associate

  • Selected Publications:

    Rotem, Y., O. Shoseyov and A. Sztejnberg, 1995. The role of cellulase (endo-1,4-b-glucanase) in gummosis diseases in apricot. J. Phytopathology 143: 7-10

    Madar, Z., H.E. Gottlieb, M. Cojocaru, J. Riov, Z. Solel and A. Sztejnberg, 1995. Antifungal terpenoids produced by cypress after infection by Diplodia pinea f. sp. cupressi. Phytochemistry 38:351-354.

    Mozes-Koch, R., O. Edelbaum, O. Livneh, A. Sztejnberg, A. Uziel, U. Gerson and I. Sela, 1995. Identification of Hirsutella species, isolates wihin a species and intraspecific heterokaryons by random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD). J. Pl. Dis. Prot. 102:284-290.

    Madar, Z., Z. Solel, J. Riov and A. Sztejnberg, 1995. Phytoalexin production by cypress in response to infection by Diplodia pinea f. sp. cupressi and its relation to water stress. Physiol. Mol. Plant Path. 47:29-38.

    Weiss, N., A. Sztejnberg and O. Yarden, 1996. The chsA gene, encoding a class-I chitin synthase from Ampelomyces quisqualis. Gene 168:99-102.

    Abo-Foul, S., V.I. Raskin, A. Sztejnberg and J.B. Marder, 1996. Disruption of chlorophyll organization and function in powdery mildew-diseased cucumber leaves and its control by the hyperparasite Ampelomyces quisqualis. Phytopathology 86:195-199.

    Falk, S.P., R.C. Pearson, D.M. Gadoury, R.C. Seem and A. Sztejnberg, 1996. Fusarim proliferatum as a biocontrol agent against grape downy mildew. Phytopathology 86:1010-1017.

    Chernin, L., A. Gafni, R. Mozes-Koch, U. Gerson and A. Sztejnberg, 1997. Chitinolytic activity of acaropathogenic fungi Hirsutella thompsonii and Hirsutella necatrix. Can. J. Microbiol. 43:440-446.

    Sztejnberg, A., S. Doron-Shloush and U. Gerson, 1997. The biology of the acaropathogenic fungus Hirsutella kirchnieri. Biocontrol Sci. Technol. 7:577-590.

    Elad, Y., B. Kirshner, N. Yehuda and A. Sztejnberg, 1998. Management of powdery mildew and gray mold of cucumber by Trichoderm harzianum T39 and Ampelomyces quisqualis AQ10. BioControl 43:241-251.

    Rotem, Y., O. Yarden and A. Sztejnberg, 1999. The mycoparasite Ampelomyces quisqualis expresses exgA encoding an exo-b-1,3-glucanase in culture and during mycoparasitism. Phytopathology 89 (in press).

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