Cotton2K Model Version 4.0

Cotton2K is a cotton simulation model specially adapted for irrigated cotton production in arid regions. It was written by:

Avishalom Marani
Professor Emeritus at the Institute of Plant Science
School of Agriculture of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
P.O.Box 12
Rehovoth 76100

Cotton2K is actually the latest version of the CALGOS model, which was developed while working as a visiting scientist at the USDA-ARS Water Management Research Laboratory, Fresno, CA, USA.  For more information about the model see: Description of Cotton2K

The model software may be downloaded for educational, extension and research oriented uses.

The source code of the model is now offered to all research and education workers who are interested in crop simulation modeling, as an "open source code". For more information, and for downloading the source code, go to the following link:   Cotton2K Model Open Source Code  


The following are the minimum requirements for installing and running Cotton2K:


  1. After downloading the "zip" file, unzip it to a temporary folder.
  2. Run Setup.exe and follow instructions of the guided installation process.
  3. After installation is completed read file 'Readme.txt', from the main program folder of Cotton2K.

Instructions on how to use the model can be found in the help file "CottonModel.chm" in the program folder.

Please send any comments, problems encountered, bug reports or suggestions for improvement to the following Email address:


This version (4.0) may be installed in a new folder, but it is recommended to install it in the same folder as the older version, using the following procedure:

Before starting the installation, delete only the files in the "..\HELP" subfolder. If the previous version is 1.1 or older, delete also the files in the "..\DATA" subfolder. Installation will keep all existing input and output files in the other subfolders.

Before running the program, all the input files from versions 1.1 or older must be upgraded to the new format. To do so, just open each file by the appropriate program and then save it.


Download Cotton2K Version 4.0 (2.70 Mb)

Last updated: 10th of October 2004