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Drora BalagaDrora Balaga

Tel: +972-8-9489925

E-mail: drora.balaga@mail.huji.ac.il

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Drora Balaga, a Certified Systems Analyst (CSA), has, for the last 25 years lead the development of the
Plant Breeding Software "Breed IT – Breeding Information Technology".

She works as the R&D senior system analyst and software implementation leader for Prof. Rabinowitch's breeding team at the Institute of Plant Sciences and Genetics in Agriculture.

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Projects & Interests

Software solutions for plant breeders and the seed industry.

Providing collaborative systems to efficiently manage, the enormous data volume involved in the breeding process in an intuitive and user-friendly manner.

Organize breeding data efficiently and interactively

Analyze phenotype and genotype data (DNA markers) for plant breeding .

Developing decision support systems which enable improving the breeding process.

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Academic lecturer

"Breeding Information Technology" at the Institute of Plant Science and Genetics,

Faculty of Agriculture, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The course demonstrates in detail the breeding process while teaching the breeding software “Breed IT” which was developed at the Faculty of Agriculture. Using the software will provide students structured learning of the theoretical and practical components of all the breeding program stages, such as management of the seed inventory, creating pedigree trees, planning observation fields, designing field maps, selecting genetic lines, organizing phytopathologycal and molecular marker tests, planning and creating crosses and defining new varieties. The course will include demonstration, implementation and practice of the learned subjects on “Breed IT” as a breeding software model.

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International Training Course

July 2014 : Guest lecturer : “Computational breeding: managing high-throughput data for crop improvement” by Drora Balaga, as part of the course “Plant Molecular Breeding “ run by Dr. Assaf Distelfeld, Institute of Cereal Crop Improvement , Tel Aviv University.

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The Israel Chamber of Information Analysts Award.

The Kaye Innovation Award by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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