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Idan Efroni Idan Efroni

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E-mail: idan.efroni@mail.huji.ac.il

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Research Interests

Regeneration and adventitious root development

Plants generate new organs throughout their lives. This allows them to recover from severe injuries and to respond to changing environments.

We want to study how these organs are formed.

Organs are most often produced from specialized zones in the plant: meristems make leaves and flowers, and the pericycle makes lateral roots. The study of organogenesis has focused on the production of organs in these contexts.

However, plants are very plastic in their development and they can grow organs in an unusual manner, as when they recover from injury or during the production of adventitious organs (e.g. roots from stems, or shoots from callus). We are interested in studying the formation of organs in these “odd” contexts in order to better understand the cellular mechanisms that control organogenesis. In other words, we study the exceptions to shed light on the rules.

Organ formation is a complex process that involves regulation of growth, tissue identity and patterning. The lab combines genetics, advanced microscopy and intensive bioinformatic analysis of genomic data, which we use to follow development from the level of tissues to that of single cells. The lab is now focusing on early stages in the formation of adventitious roots in Arabidopsis and tomatoes.

Apart from the developmental work, we have a long standing interest in deciphering the cis-regulatory transcriptional code and in the design of synthetic promoters.

Join Us

We're looking for highly motivated and independent post docs and Ph.D. students to join the lab. You can join our running projects or have your own brilliant direction – I am always happy to hear new ideas. To apply please contact idan.efroni@mail.huji.ac.il.


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Selected Publications

  • Efroni I., Mello A., Nawy T, Ip P.L, Rahni R., DelRose N., Powers A., Satija R., and Birnbaum K.D. (2016). Root regeneration triggers an embryo-like sequence guided by hormonal interactions. Cell, 165:1721-1733.
  • Efroni I., Ip P.L., Nawy T., Mello A., and Birnbaum K. (2015) Quantification of cell identity from single-cell gene expression profiles. Genome Biology 16:9.
  • Bargmann B., Vanneste S., Krouk G., Nawy T., Efroni I., Shani E., Choe G., Friml J., Bergmann D.C., Estelle M., and Birnbaum K.D. (2013). A map of cell type-specific auxin responses. Molecular Systems Biology 9:688.
  • Efroni I., Han S.K., Kim H.J., Wu M., Steiner E., Birnbaum K.D., Hong J.C., Eshed Y., and Wagner D. (2013). Regulation of leaf maturation by chromatin-mediated modulation of cytokinin responses. Developmental Cell. 24:438-45.
  • Bargmann B., Marshall-Colon A., Efroni I., Ruffel S., Birnbaum K.D., Coruzzi G.M., and Krouk G. (2013). TARGET: A Transient Transformation System for Genome-wide Transcription Factor Target Discovery. Molecular Plant 6:978-980.
  • Steiner E., Yanai O., Efroni I., Ori N., Eshed Y.I, and Weiss D. (2012). Class I TCPs modulate cytokinin-induced branching and meristematic activity in tomato. Plant Signal Behav. 7:807-810.
  • Steiner E., Efroni I., Gopalraj M., Saathoff K., Tseng T.S., Kieffer M., Eshed Y., Olszewski N., and Weiss D. (2012). The Arabidopsis O-linked N-acetylglucosamine transferase SPINDLY interacts with class I TCPs to facilitate cytokinin responses in leaves and flowers. Plant Cell 24:96-108.
  • Efroni I., Eshed Y., and Lifschitz E. (2010) Morphogenesis of simple and compound leaves—a critical review. Plant Cell 22: 1019-1032.
  • Sarojam R., Sappl P.G., Goldshmidt A., Efroni I., Floyd S.K., Eshed Y., and Bowman J.L. (2010). Differentiating Arabidopsis Shoots from Leaves by Combined YABBY Activities. Plant Cell 22:2113-21130.
  • Zemach A., Paul L.K., Stambolsky P., Efroni I., Rotter V., and Grafi G. (2009). The C-terminal domain of the Arabidopsis AtMBD7 protein confers strong chromatin binding activity. Experimental Cell Research 315:3554-3562.
  • Alvarez J.P., Goldshmidt A., Efroni I., Bowman J.L., Eshed Y. (2009). The NGATHA Distal Organ Development Genes Are Essential for Style Specification in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 21:1373-1393.
  • Efroni I., Blum E., Goldshmidt A., and Eshed Y. (2008). A Protracted and Dynamic Maturation Schedule Underlies Arabidopsis Leaf Development. Plant Cell 20:2293-2306.
  • Ori N., Cohen A.R., Etzioni A., Brand A., Yanai O., Shleizer S., Menda N., Amsellem Z., Efroni I., Pekker I., Alvarez J.P., Blum E., Zamir D., and Eshed Y. (2007). Regulation of LANCEOLATE by miR319 is required for compound-leaf development in tomato. Nature Genetics 39:787-791.
  • Bloch D., Lavy M., Efrat Y., Efroni I., Bracha-Drori K., Abu-Abied M., Sadot E., and Yalovsky S. (2005). Ectopic expression of an activated RAC in Arabidopsis disrupts membrane cycling. Molecular Biology of the Cell 16:1913-1927.

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