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Jose Gruenzweig Jose Gruenzweig

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E-mail: jose.gruenzweig@mail.huji.ac.il

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Research Interest

Ecology and ecophysiology of plants

Plant-environment interactions at the whole-plant level including:

  • Trees and shrubs under climate change, and adaptive land management as a measure of adaptation to drought
  • Canopy-root (aboveground-belowground) relationships and carbon fluxes in trees

Ecosystem ecology and management

Ecosystem functioning, carbon cycling and ecosystem services as affected by global change and land management, including:

  • Litter decomposition and soil respiration under dry conditions
  • Carbon sequestration, nutrient cycling and biodiversity conservation under land use change and climate change

Selected Publications

  1. Gliksman D, Rey A, Seligmann R, Dumbur R, Sperling O, Navon Y, Haenel S, De Angelis P, Arnone JA, III, Grünzweig JM. 2016. Biotic degradation at night, abiotic degradation at day: positive feedbacks on litter decomposition in drylands. Global Change Biology doi: 10.1111/gcb.13465.
  2. Grünzweig JM, Valentine DW and Chapin FS III. 2015. Successional changes in carbon stocks after logging and deforestation for agriculture in Interior Alaska: Implications for boreal climate feedbacks. Ecosystems 18, 132-145.
  3. Klein T, Yakir D, Buchmann N, Grünzweig JM. 2014.Towards an advanced assessment of the hydrological vulnerability of forests to climate change-induced drought. New Phytologist  201, 712-716.
  4. Talmon Y, Sternberg M, Grünzweig JM. 2011. Impact of rainfall manipulations and biotic controls on soil respiration in Mediterranean and desert ecosystems along an aridity gradient. Global Change Biology 17, 1108-1118.
  5. Dirks I, Navon Y, Kanas D, Dumbur R and Grünzweig JM. 2010. Atmospheric water vapor as driver of litter decomposition in Mediterranean shrubland and grassland during rainless seasons. Global Change Biology 16, 2799-2812.