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Joseph (Jossi) Hillel

Joseph (Jossi) Hillel

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Professor emeritus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Population and Quantitative geneticist with experience in gene mapping projects. These projects were aimed to detect genes (QTLs) controlling quantitative complex traits.

In recent years, efforts were made to use Deep Sequencing technologies for QTLs detection and biodiversity studies. The detected QTLs were used to produce customized microarrays as tools in breeding programs based on Genomic Selection.

Recently developed sophisticated plans to genetically improve medical cannabis. To the best knowledge, these well approved tools have never been used for cannabis breeding anywhere. Two main target populations are expected to benefit from these activities; pharmaceutical industry and small growers.


Marker Assisted Selection (MAS); QTL; DNA markers; Chicken Biodiversity; Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2D); Medical Cannabis; Canabinoids; Metabolites; Marijuana; THC; CBD; CBN; Gender Specific Chromosome; Human Ethnic Biodiversity; Psammomys; Sand Rat; genetic distance; polymorphism; red jungle fowl