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Leor Eshed-Williams Leor Eshed-Williams






Research Interest

Totipotency, plant cell plasticity, differentiation and regeneration. Using genetic and genomic tools together with tissue culture.

Research Projects

Genetic networks regulating meristem development, pluripotency of the plant meristems, transcription profiling of different cells at the shoot apical meristem.

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Selected Publications

  1. Mandel T, Candela H, Udi Landau, Asis L, Zelinger E, Carles CC and Eshed Williams L. (2016) Differential regulation of meristem size, morphology and organization by the ERECTA, CLAVATA and class III HD-ZIP pathways . Development
  2. Landau U , Asis L and Eshed Williams L . (2015) The ERECTA, CLAVATA and class III HD-ZIP pathways display synergistic interactions in regulating floral meristem activities . Plos One . 10 (5) .
  3. Shemer O, Landau U , Zemach A, Candela H, Eshed Williams L. (2015) Shoot regeneration from Arabidopsis root requires DNA methylation reprograming. Plant Science . 238: 251-261.
  4. Mandel T, Moreau F, Kutsher Y, Fletcher JC, Carles CC and Eshed Williams L. (2014). The ERECTA receptor kinase regulates Arabidopsis shoot apical meristem size, phyllotaxy and floral meristem identity. Development . 141(4):830-841 .
  5. Burko Y, Shleizer-Burko S, Yanai O, Shwartz I, Zelnik ID, Jacob-Hirsch J, Kela I, Eshed Williams L , Ori N. (2013). A role for APETALA1/fruitfull transcription factors in tomato leaf development. Plant Cell . 25(6):2070-83.
  6. Zemach A, Kim MY, Hsieh PH, Coleman-Derr D, Eshed-Williams L , Thao K, Harmer SL, Zilberman D. (2013). The Arabidopsis nucleosome remodeler DDM1 allows DNA methyltransferases to access H1-containing heterochromatin. Cell . 153(1):193-205.
  7. Kim SY., Lee J., Eshed Williams L. , Zilberman D., Sung ZR. (2012). EMF1 and PRC2 Cooperate to Repress Key Regulators of Arabidopsis Development. PLoS Genetics . 8(3)
  8. Ron M, Saez MA., Eshed-Williams L. , Fletcher JC., McCormick S. (2010). Proper regulation of a sperm-specific cis-nat-siRNA is essential for double fertilization in Arabidopsis . Genes & Development . 15;24(10):1010-21.
  9. Hsieh CU, Ibarra , Silva P, Zemach A, Eshed-Williams L , Fischer RL and Zilberman D. (2009). Genome-wide demethylation of Arabidopsis endosperm. Science 12;324(5933):1451-4.
  10. Williams, L. , Fletcher, JC. (2005). Stem cell regulation in the Arabidopsis shoot apical meristem. Current Opinion in Plant Biology . 8(6):582-6.
  11. Williams, L. , Carles CC, Osmont KS, Fletcher JC. (2005). A database analysis method identifies an endogenous trans-acting short-interfering RNA that targets the Arabidopsis ARF2, ARF3, and ARF4 genes. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA . 5;102(27):9703-8.
  12. Williams, L. , Grigg SP, Xie M, Christensen S, Fletcher JC. (2005). Regulation of Arabidopsis shoot apical meristem and lateral organ formation by microRNA miR166g and its AtHD-ZIP target genes. Development . 132(16):3657-68
  13. Williams, L. , Zhao J, Morozova N, Li Y, Avivi Y, Grafi G. (2003). Chromatin reorganization accompanying cellular dedifferentiation is associated with modifications of histone H3, redistribution of HP1, and activation of E2F-target genes. Developmental Dynamics . ;228(1):113-20.
  14. Zhao, J., Morozova, N., Williams, L. , Libs, L., Avivi, Y. and Grafi G. (2001). Two phases of chromatin decondensation during dedifferentiation of plant cells: distinction between competence for cell fate switch and a commitment for S phase. Journal of Biological Chemistry 22;276(25):22772-8.
  15. Williams, L. , and Grafi, G. (2000) The RETINOBLASTOMA protein – a bridge to heterochromatin. Trends in Plant Sciences 5 (6): 239-240.
  16. Avivi, Y., Lev-Yadun, S., Morozova, N., Libs, L., Williams, L. , Zhao, J., Varghese, G. and Grafi, G.(2000). Clausa , a tomato mutant with a wide range of phenotypic perturbations, displays a cell type-dependent expression of the homeobox gene LeT6/TKn2 . Plant Physiology . 124(2):541-52.

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