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Oded ShoseyovOded Shoseyov

Tel: +972-8-9489084

Fax: +972-8-9462283

E-mail: oded.shoseyov@mail.huji.ac.il





Research Interest

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NanoBioMimetic - materials for the future

Our lab focuses on nanobiotechnology, protein engineering, and plant molecular biology.
We develop super-performing materials and applications, all based on solutions inspired by nature (biomimicry)


Nano Biotechnology, protein engineering and material sciences.

Research Projects:

T2 RNase; anti-angiogenic, proapoptotic protein.

Modification of plant cell-wall and fiber engineering in transgenic plants

Molecular farming of recombinant Human type I collagen in tobacco

Polysaccharide binding modules (CBMs)

SP1- A novel molecular scaffold for nano-biotechnology

Recombinant resilin, a polymeric protein for bio-composite materials.

Recombinant spider sik.

Nano Crystalline Cellulose fibers (NCC) for industrial and medical applications.

Bio-composites for regenerative medicine

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