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Yehoshua Saranga Yehoshua Saranga

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E-mail: shuki.saranga@mail.huji.ac.il






Research Interest

Physiological and genetic aspects of crop adaptation to stress conditions.
Genetic mapping of stress adaptive traits.
Optimization of crop production under arid conditions.
New crops for arid regions.
Sustainable agriculture.

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Selected Publications

  1. Peleg, Z., T. Fahima, S. Abbo, T. Krugman, E. Nevo, D. Yakir, Y. Saranga. 2005. Genetic diversity for drought resistence in wild emmer wheat and its ecogeographical association. Plant Cell & Environ. 28:176-191.
  2. Cohen, Y., V. Alchanatis, M. Meron and Y. Saranga. 2005. Mapping of leaf water potential using thermal images for site-specific irrigation. J. Exp. Bot. 56:1843-1852.
  3. Abbo, S., A. Gopher, Z. Peleg, Y. Saranga, T. Fahima, F. Salamini and S. Lev-Yadun. 2006. The ripples of "The Big (agricultural) Bang": the spread of early wheat cultivation. Genome 49:861-863.
  4. Distelfeld, A., I. Cakmak, Z. Peleg, L. Ozturk, A. M. Yazici, H. Budak, Y. Saranga and T. Fahima. 2007. Multiple QTL-effects of wheat Gpc-B1 locus on grain protein and micronutrient concentrations. Physiol. Plant. 129:635–643.
  5. Sottosanto, J.B., Y. Saranga, E. Blumwald. 2007. Impact of AtNHX1, a vacuolar Na+/H+ antiporter, upon gene expression during short- and long- term salt stress in Arabidopsis thaliana. BMC Plant Biol 7:18.
  6. Rong, J., F.A. Feltus, V.N. Waghmare, G.J. Pierce, P.W. Chee, X. Draye, Y. Saranga, R.J. Wright, T.A. Wilkins, O.L. May, C.W. Smith, J.R. Gannaway, J.F. Wendel, A.H. Paterson. 2007. Meta-analysis of polyploid cotton QTLs shows unequal contributions of subgenomes to a complex network of genes and gene clusters implicated in lint fiber development. Genetics, 176:2577-2588.
  7. Peleg Z., T. Fahima and Y. Saranga. 2007. Drought Resistance in Wild Emmer Wheat –Physiology,Ecology and Genetics. Israel J. Plant Sci. 55: 289-296.
  8. Peleg Z., Y. Saranga, T. Krugman, S. Abbo, E. Nevo and T. Fahima. 2008. Allelic diversity associated with aridity gradient in wild emmer wheat populations. Plant, Cell Environ. 31, 39-49 (with cover page photograph).
  9. Peleg Z., T. Fahima, T. Krugman, S. Abbo and Y. Saranga. 2008. Genetic structure of natural wild emmer wheat populations as reflected by transcribed vs. anonymous microsatellite markers. Genome, 51:187-195.
  10. Peleg Z., Y. Saranga, A.M. Yazici, T. Fahima, L. Ozturk and I. Cakmak. 2008. Grain zinc, iron and protein concentrations and zinc-efficiency in wild emmer wheat under contrasting irrigation regimes. Plant Soil 306:57–67.
  11. Vaknin Y., N. Barr and Y. Saranga. 2008. Preliminary investigations into the significance of floral applications of calcium, boron and polyphenols for increased seed set in confection sunflowers (Helianthus annuus L.). Field Crops Res. 107 155–160.
  12. Peleg Z., Y. Saranga, T. Krugman, T. Suprunova, Y. Ronin, M.S. R?der, A. Kilian, A.B. Korol and T. Fahima. 2008. High-density genetic map of durum wheat × wild emmer wheat based on SSR and DArT markers. Theor. Appl. Genet. 117:103–115.
  13. Levi A., A.H. Paterson, V. Barak, D. Yakir, B. Wang, P.W. Chee and Y. Saranga. 2009. Field evaluation of cotton near-isogenic lines introgressed with QTLs for productivity and drought related traits. Mol. Breeding 23: 179-195.
  14. Abbo S., Y. Saranga, Z. Peleg, Z. Kerem, S. Lev-Yadun and A. Gopher. 2009. The origin of Near Eastern grain crops, reconsidering legumes vs. cereals domestication. Quart. Rev. Biol., 84: 29-50.
  15. Levi A., L. Ovnat, A.H. Paterson and Y. Saranga. 2009. Photosynthesis of cotton near-isogenic lines introgressed with QTLs for productivity and drought related traits. Plant Sci. 177: 88-96.
  16. Peleg Z., T. Fahima, T. Krugman, S. Abbo, D. Yakir, A.B. Korol and Y. Saranga. 2009. Genomic dissection of drought resistance in durum wheat × wild emmer wheat recombinant inbreed line population. Plant Cell Environ. 32: 758-779.
  17. Peleg Z, I. Cakmak, L. Ozturk, A. Yazici, Y. Jun, H. Budak, A.B. Korol, T. Fahima, Y. Saranga. 2009. Quantitative trait loci conferring grain mineral nutrient concentrations in durum wheat × wild emmer wheat RIL population. Theor. Appl. Genet. 119:353-369.
  18. Alchanatis V., Y. Cohen, S. Cohen, M. Moller, M. Sprinstin, M. Meron, J. Tsipris, Y. Saranga and E. Sela. 2010. Evaluation of different approaches for estimating and mapping crop water status in cotton with thermal imaging. Precision Agric. 11:27–41
  19. Gomez-Becerra H. F., A. Yazici, L. Ozturk, H. Budak, Z. Peleg, A. Morgounov, T. Fahima, Y. Saranga and I. Cakmak. 2010. Genetic variation and environmental stability of grain mineral nutrient concentrations in Triticum dicoccoides under five environments. Euphytica, 171:39–52.
  20. Paterson A. H., J. Rong, A. R. Gingle, P. W. Chee, E. S. Dennis, D. Llewellyn, L. S. Dure III, C. Haigler, G. O. Myers, D. G. Peterson, M. Rahman, Y. Zafar, U. Reddy, Y. Saranga, J. M. Stewart, J. A. Udall, V. N. Waghmare, J. F. Wendel, T. A. Wilkins, R. J. Wright, E. Zaki, E. E. Hafez, J. Zhu. 2010. Sequencing and Utilization of the Gossypium Genomes. Tropical Plant Biol. 3:71–74.
  21. Chatzav M., Z. Peleg, L. Ozturk, A. Yazici, T. Fahima, I. Cakmak and Y. Saranga. 2010. Genetic diversity for grain nutrients in wild emmer wheat - potential for wheat improvement. Ann. Bot. 105:1211-1220.
  22. Krugman T., V. Chagu?, Z. Peleg, S. Balzergue, J. Just, A. B. Korol, E. Nevo, Y. Saranga, B. Chalhoub and T. Fahima. 2010. Multilevel regulation and signaling processes associated with adaptation to terminal drought in wild emmer wheat. Func. Integr. Genomics 10:167-186.
  23. Ben David R., W. Xie, Z. Peleg, Y. Saranga, A. Dinoor and T. Fahima. 2010. Identification and mapping of PmG16, a powdery mildew resistance gene derived from wild emmer wheat. Theor. Appl. Genet. 121:499-510
  24. Peleg Z., Y. Saranga, T. Fahima, A. Aharoni and R. Elbaum. 2010. Genetic control over silica deposition in wheat awns. Physiol. Plant. 140:10-20.

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