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Yehoshua Saranga Yehoshua Saranga

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E-mail: shuki.saranga@mail.huji.ac.il






Research Interest

Physiological and genetic aspects of crop adaptation to stress conditions.
Genetic mapping of stress adaptive traits.
Optimization of crop production under arid conditions.
New crops for arid regions.
Sustainable agriculture.

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Recent Publications

  1. Levi A., A.H. Paterson, V. Barak, D. Yakir, B. Wang, P.W. Chee and Y. Saranga. 2009.  Field evaluation of cotton near-isogenic lines introgressed with QTLs for productivity and drought related traits.  Mol. Breeding 23: 179-195.
  2. Abbo S., Y. Saranga, Z. Peleg, Z. Kerem, S. Lev-Yadun and A. Gopher. 2009. Reconsidering domestication of legumes versus cereals in the ancient Near East. Quart. Rev. Biol., 84: 29-50.
  3. Levi A., L. Ovnat, A.H. Paterson and Y. Saranga.2009.  Photosynthesis of cotton near-isogenic lines introgressed with QTLs for productivity and drought related traits.  Plant Sci. 177: 88-96.
  4. Peleg Z., T. Fahima, T. Krugman, S. Abbo, D. Yakir, A.B. Korol and Y. Saranga. 2009.  Genomic dissection of drought resistance indurum wheat × wild emmer wheat recombinant inbreed line population. Plant Cell Environ. 32: 758-779.
  5. Peleg Z, I. Cakmak, L. Ozturk, A. Yazici, Y. Jun, H. Budak, A.B. Korol, T. Fahima, Y. Saranga. 2009. Quantitative trait loci conferring grain mineral nutrient concentrations in durum wheat × wild emmer wheat RIL population.  Theor. Appl. Genet. 119:353-369.
  6. Alchanatis V., Y. Cohen, S. Cohen, M. Moller, M. Sprinstin, M. Meron, J. Tsipris, Y. Saranga and E. Sela. 2010. Evaluation of different approaches for estimating and mapping crop water status in cotton with thermal imaging. Precision Agric. 11:27–41
  7. Gomez-Becerra H. F., A. Yazici, L. Ozturk, H. Budak, Z. Peleg, A. Morgounov, T. Fahima, Y. Saranga and I. Cakmak. 2010. Genetic variation and environmental stability of grain mineral nutrient concentrations in Triticum dicoccoides under five environments. Euphytica, 171:39–52.
  8. Paterson A. H., J. Rong, A. R. Gingle, P. W. Chee, E. S. Dennis, D. Llewellyn, L. S. Dure III, C. Haigler, G. O. Myers, D. G. Peterson, M. Rahman, Y. Zafar, U. Reddy, Y. Saranga, J. M. Stewart, J. A. Udall, V. N. Waghmare, J. F. Wendel, T. A. Wilkins, R. J. Wright, E. Zaki, E. E. Hafez, J. Zhu. 2010. Sequencing and Utilization of the Gossypium Genomes. Tropical Plant Biol. 3:71–74.
  9. Chatzav M., Z. Peleg, L. Ozturk, A. Yazici, T. Fahima, I. Cakmak and Y. Saranga. 2010. Genetic diversity for grain nutrients in wild emmer wheat - potential for wheat improvement.  Ann. Bot. 105:1211-1220.
  10. Krugman T., V. Chagué, Z. Peleg, S. Balzergue, J. Just, A. B. Korol, E. Nevo, Y. Saranga, B. Chalhoub and T. Fahima. 2010. Multilevel regulation and signaling processes associated with adaptation to terminal drought in wild emmer wheat. Func. Integr. Genomics 10:167-186.
  11. Ben David R., W. Xie, Z. Peleg, Y.  Saranga, A. Dinoor and T. Fahima. 2010.  Identification and mapping of PmG16, a powdery mildew resistance gene derived from wild emmer wheat. Theor. Appl. Genet. 121:499-510
  12. Peleg Z., Y. Saranga, T. Fahima, A. Aharoni and R. Elbaum. 2010. Genetic control over silica deposition in wheat awns.  Physiol. Plant. 140:10-20.
  13. Durmaz E., C. Coruh, G. Dinler, M.A. Grusak, Z. Peleg, Y. Saranga, T. Fahima, A. Yazici, L. Ozturk, I. Cakmak, H. Budak. 2011. Expression and cellular localization of ZIP1 transporter under zinc deficiency in wild emmer wheat. Plant Molecular Biology Reporter 29:582–596 (DOI: 10.1007/s11105-010-0264-3).
  14. Levi A., A.H. Paterson, I. Cakmak and Y. Saranga. 2011.  Metabolite and mineral analysis of cotton near-isogenic lines introgressed with QTLs for productivity and drought related traits.  Physiol, Plant. 141:265-275.
  15. Peleg Z., T. Fahima, A.B. Korol, S. Abbo and Y. Saranga. 2011.  Genetic analysis of wheat domestication and evolution under domestication. J. Exp. Bot. 62:5051–5061.
  16. Krugman T., Z. Peleg, L. Quansah, V. Chagué, A.B. Korol, E. Nevo, Y. Saranga, A. Fait, B. Chalhoub and T. Fahima. 2011. Drought adaptation mechanisms in roots of wild emmer wheat. Functional Integrative Genomics, 11:565–583.
  17. Paterson A. H., J.F.Wendel, H. Gundlach, H. Guo, J. Jenkins, D. Jin, D. Llewellyn, K.C. Showmaker, S. Shu, J. Udall, M.-J. Yoo, R. Byers, W. Chen, A. Doron-Faigenboim, M.V. Duke, L. Gong, J. Grimwood, C. Grover, K. Grupp, G. Hu, T.-H. Lee, J. Li, L. Lin, T. Liu, B.S. Marler, J.T. Page, A.W. Roberts, E. Romanel,W.S. Sanders, E. Szadkowski, X. Tan, H. Tang, C. Xu, J. Wang, Z. Wang, D. Zhang, L. Zhang, H. Ashrafi, F. Bedon, J.E. Bowers, C.L. Brubaker, P.W. Chee, S. Das, A.R. Gingle, C.H. Haigler, D. Harker, L.V. Hoffmann, R. Hovav, D.C. Jones, C. Lemke, S. Mansoor, M. ur Rahman, L.N. Rainville, A. Rambani, U.K. Reddy, J.-K. Rong, Y. Saranga, B.E. Scheffler, J.A. Scheffler, D.M. Stelly, B.A. Triplett, A. Van Deynze, M.F.S. Vaslin, .N. Waghmare, .A. Walford, R.J. Wright, E.A. Zaki, T. Zhang, E.S. Dennis, K.F.X. Mayer, D.G. Peterson, D.S. Rokhsar, X. Wang, & J. Schmutz. 2012. Repeated polyploidization of Gossypium genomes and the evolution of spinnable cotton fibres. Nature, 492, 423–427.
  18. Abbo S., O. Goren, Y. Saranga, M. Langensiepen, J.D. Bonfil. 2013. Leaf shape X sowing density interaction affects chickpea grain yield. Plant Breeding 132: 200-204.
  19. Tzarfati R., Y. Saranga, V. Barak, A. Gopher, A.B. Korol and S. Abbo. 2013. Threshing efficiency as an incentive for rapid domestication of emmer wheat. Annals of Botany 112: 829-837..
  20. Serfaty M., M. Ibdah, R. Fischer, D. Chaimovitch, Y. Saranga, and N. Dudai. 2013. Dynamics of yield components and stevioside production in Stevia rebaudiana grown under different planting times, plant stands and harvest regime. Industrial Plants and Products 50: 731-736.
  21. Abbo S., R. Pinhasi van-Oss, A. Gopher, Y. Saranga, I. Ofner, and Z. Peleg. 2014. Plant domestication versus crop evolution: a conceptual framework for cereals and grain legumes.  Trends Plant Sci., 19:351-360.
  22. Ben David R., Z. Peleg, A. Dinoor, Y.  Saranga, A. Korol and T. Fahima. 2014. Genetic dissection of quantitative powdery mildew resistance loci in tetraploid wheat. Mol Breeding (2014) 34:1647–1658.
  23. Tzarfati R, V. Barak, T. Krugman, T. Fahima, S. Abbo, Y. Saranga* and A.B. Korol*. 2014. Novel quantitative trait loci underlying major dom estication traits in tetraploid wheat. Mol Breeding 34:1613–1628.       *Join senior authorship.
  24. Cohen Y., V. Alchanatis, E. Sela, Y. Saranga, S. Cohen, M. Meron, A. Bosak, J. Tsipris, V. Ostrovsky, V. Orolov, A. Levi and R. Brikman.  2015.  Crop water status estimation using thermography: Multi-year model development using ground-based thermal images. Precision Agric. 16:311–329.
  25. Ruiz M.S. H., Yasuor, A. Ben-Gal, U. Yermiyahu, Y. Saranga and R. Elbaum. 2015. Salinity induced fruit hypodermis thickening alters the texture of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum Mill) fruits. Scientia Hort. 192: 244–249.
  26. Zou H., R. Tzarfati, S. Hübner, T. Krugman, T. Fahima, S. Abbo, Y. Saranga, A.B. Korol. 2015. Transcriptome profiling of wheat glumes in wild emmer, hulled landraces and modern cultivars. BMC Genomics 16:777.
  27. Merchuk-Ovnat L., V. Barak, T. Fahima, F. Ordon, G.A. Lidzbarsky, T. Krugman and Y. Saranga. 2016. Ancestral QTL alleles from wild emmer wheat improve drought resistance and productivity in modern wheat cultivars. Front Plant Sci 7:452. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2016.00452
  28. Merchuk-Ovnat L., T. Fahima, T. Krugman and Y. Saranga. 2016. Ancestral QTL alleles from wild emmer wheat improve productivity and photosynthesis across water availabilities in modern wheat. Plant Sci, 251, 23–34.
  29. Cohen Y., V. Alchanatis, Y. Saranga, O. Rosenberg, E. Sela and A. Bosak. 2016. Mapping water status based on aerial thermal imagery: comparison of methodologies for upscaling from a single leaf to commercial fields. Precision Agric, DOI 10.1007/s11119-016-9484-3.
  30. Rosental1 L., A. Perelman, N. Nevo, D. Toubiana, T. Samani, A. Batushansky, N. Sikron, Y. Saranga and A. Fait. 2016. Environmental and genetic effects on tomato seed metabolic balance and its association with germination vigor. BMC Genomics 17:1047 DOI 10.1186/s12864-016-3376-9.
  31. Merchuk-Ovnat L., T. Fahima, J.E. Ephrath, T. Krugman and Y. Saranga. 2017. Ancestral QTL alleles from wild emmer wheat enhance root development under drought in modern wheat. Front Plant Sci. 8:703, doi: 10.3389/fpls.2017.00703
  32. Naim-Feil E., M. Toren, G. Aubert, M. Rubinstein, A. Rosen, R. Eshed, A. Sherman, R. Ophir, Y. Saranga and S. Abbo. 2017. Drought response and genetic diversity in Pisum fulvum, a wild relative of domesticated pea. Crop Sci. 57: 1145-1159.

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