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Yonatan Elkind Yonatan Elkind

Tel: +972 8 9489246

Fax: +972 8 9468265

E-mail: yonatan.elkind@mail.huji.ac.il






Research Interest

  • Application of genetic engineering to plant breeding and physiology.
  • Molecular biology and genetic engineering: specifically, gene expression in transgenic plants.
  • Transposon tagging of polygenes and of agronomically important traits.
  • Genetics and physiology or pepper, tomato, squash and melon, with special emphasis on tomato fruit quality traits, Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) resistance and pepper fruit set under low temperatures.
  • Breeding and production of greenhouse pepper.

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Research Projects

  1. Genotype by night temperature interaction on pepper fruit quality. Funding: Ministry of Agriculture.
  2. Breeding or pepper varieties for greenhouse production in Spain. Funding: Hazera Seed Co.
  3. Pepper fruit quality. Funding: Marks & Spencer (UK).
  4. Breeding of pepper hybrids for greenhouse production in the Arava. Funding: Zeraim Seed Co.
  5. Transposon tagging of polygenes and argonomically important traits in tomato.
  6. Quantitative and physiological aspects of transgene expression.

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