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Zvi Peleg Zvi Peleg

Tel: 08-9489638

Fax: 08-9489833

E-mail: zvi.peleg@mail.huji.ac.il

Lab website: Peleg's lab







Research Interest

  • Wheat production under climate changes: The highly variable and unpredicted rainfall within and between seasons, which characterize the Mediterranean region, results in significant yield losses. Our research focuses on improving wheat production under changing climate.
  • Cereals adaptation to abiotic stress combinations:Under field conditions, plants routinely subjected to combinations of environmental stresses. Plant response(s) to stress combinations differ from the response(s) to individual stress condition. We use the model grass Brachypodium to study genes and gene networks involved in plants adaptation to multiple environmental stresses.
  • Herbicides resistant in grasses weeds. Lolium rigidum Gaudin (annual ryegrass), is a major grass weed infesting cereal crops in Israel.  In recent years, L. rigidum resistant to ACCase, ALS and EPSPS inhibitors is spreading worldwide. Our research aims to elucidate the mechanisms of resistant involves in resistant populations.

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Publications :

  • Avni R., Nave M., Barad O., Twardziok O.S., Gundlach H., Hale I., Mascher M., Spannagl M., Wiebe K., Jordan W.K., Golan G., Deek J., Ben-Zvi B., Baruch K., Ben-Zvi G., Himmelbach A., MacLauclin P.R., Sharpe A., Fritz A., Ben-David R., Budak H., Fahima T., Korol A.B., Faris J., Hernandez A., Mikel M., Levy A., Steffenson B., Maccaferri M., Tuberosa R., Cattivelli L., Faccioli P., Ceriotti A., Kashkush K., Pourkheirandish M., Komatsuda T., Eilam T., Sela H., Sharon A., Ohad N., Chamovitz D., Mayer F.X.K., Stein N., Ronen G., Peleg Z., Pozniak C., Akhunov E. & Distelfeld A. (2017) Wild emmer genome architecture and diversity elucidate wheat evolution and domestication. Science, 357, 93-97.  PubMed
  • Matzrafi M., Gerson O., Rubin B. & Peleg Z. (2017) Different mutations endowing resistance to Acetyl-CoA carboxylase inhibitors results in changes in ecological fitness of Lolium rigidum populations. Frontiers in Plant Science, 8, 1078.  PubMed
  • Matzrafi M., Shaar-Moshe L., Rubin B. & Peleg Z. (2017) Unraveling the transcriptional basis of temperature-dependent pinoxaden resistance in Brachypodium hybridum. Frontiers in Plant Science, 8, 1064. PubMed
  • Shaar-Moshe L., Blumwald E. & Peleg Z. (2017) Unique physiological and transcriptional shifts under combinations of salinity, drought and heat. Plant Physiology, 174: 421-434. PubMed
  • Frenkel E., Matzrafi M., Rubin B. & Peleg Z. (2017) Effects of environmental conditions on the fitness penalty in herbicide resistant Brachypodium hybridum. Frontier in Plant Science, 8: 94. PubMed
  • Matzrafi M., Seiwert B., Reemtsma T., Rubin B. & Peleg Z. (2016) Climate change increases the risk of herbicide-resistant weeds due to enhanced detoxification. Planta, 244, 1217-1227.  PubMed
  • van Oss R., Abbo S., Eshed R., Sherman A., Coyne C.J., Vandemark G.J., Zhang H-B. & Peleg Z. (2015) Genetic relationship in Cicer sp. expose evidence for geneflow between the cultigen and its wild progenitor. PLoS ONE, 10, e0139789.  PubMed
  • Amram A., Fadida- Myers A., Golan G., Nashef K., Ben-David R. & Peleg Z. (2015) Effect of GA-sensitivity on wheat early vigour and yield components under Mediterranean deep sowing conditions. Frontier in Plant Science, 6, 487.  PubMed
  • Golan G., Oksenberg A. & Peleg Z. (2015) Genetic evidence for differential selection of grain and embryo weight during wheat evolution under domestication. Journal of Experimental Botany, 66, 5703-5711.  PubMed
  • Raineri J., Wang S., Peleg Z., Blumwald E. & Chan R. (2015) The rice transcription factor OsWRKY47 is a positive regulator of the response to water deficit stress. Plant Molecular Biology, 88, 401-413.  PubMed
  • Shaar-Moshe L., Hübner S. & Peleg Z. (2015) Identification of conserved drought-adaptive genes using a cross-species meta-analysis approach. BMC Plant Biology, 15,111.  PubMed

    Peleg Z., Shabtay A. & Abbo S. (2015) Allelic diversity between and within three wild annual Cicer species. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, 62, 177-188.  PubMed

  • Ben-David R., Peleg Z., Dinoor A., Saranga Y., Korol A.B. & Fahima T. (2014) Genetic dissection of quantitative powdery mildew resistance loci in tetraploid wheat. Molecular Breeding, 34, 1647-1658.  PubMed
  • Avni R., Nave M., Eilam T., Sela H., Alekperov C., Peleg Z., Dvorak J., Korol A.B. & Distelfeld A. (2014) Ultra-dense genetic map of durum wheat × wild emmer wheat developed using the 90K iSelect SNP genotyping assay. Molecular Breeding, 34, 1549-1562.  PubMed
  • Matzrafi M., Gadri Y., Frenkel E., Rubin B. & Peleg Z. (2014)  Evolution of herbicide resistance mechanism in grass weeds.  Plant Science, 229, 43-52. PubMed  AudioSlides presentation
  • Abbo S., Pinhasi van-Oss R., Gopher A., Saranga Y., Ofner I. & Peleg Z. (2014) Plant domestication versus crop evolution: A conceptual framework for cereals and grain legumes.  Trends in Plant Science, 19, 351-360.  PubMed  YouTube video
  • Reguera M., Peleg Z., Abdel-Tawab Y.M., Tumimbang E.B., Delatorre C.A. & Blumwald E. (2013) Stress-induced CK synthesis increases drought tolerance through the coordinated regulation of carbon and nitrogen assimilation in rice. Plant Physiology, 163, 1609-1622.  PubMed
  • Delatorrea C.A., Cohen Y., Liu L., Peleg Z. & Blumwald E. (2012) The regulation of the SARK promoter activity by hormones and environmental signals. Plant Science, 193-194, 39-47.  PubMed
  • Reguera M., Peleg Z. & Blumwald E. (2012)Targeting metabolic pathways for genetic engineering abiotic stress-tolerance in crops. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Gene Regulatory Mechanisms, 1819, 186-194.  PubMed

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Lab members

Current members of the group:

   Name    Position    E-mail   Phone
Ruchama Hayouka Lab manager peleglab@mail.huji.ac.il 08-9489319
Lidor Shaar-Moshe Ph.D. candidate lidor.shaar@mail.huji.ac.il 08-9489293
Guy Golan Ph.D. candidate guy.golan@mail.huji.ac.il 08-9489293
Naama Teboul Ph.D. candidate naama.teboul@mail.huji.ac.il 08-9489293
Amit Haron Ph.D. candidate amit.haron@mail.huji.ac.il 08-9489293
Yaron Gadri Ph.D. candidate yaron.gadri@mail.huji.ac.il 08-9489293
Harel Bacher Ph.D. candidate harel.bacher@mail.huji.ac.il 08-9489293
Ofri Gerson M.Sc. student ofri.gerson@mail.huji.ac.il 08-9489293
Gil Shoshani M.Sc. student gil.shoshani@mail.huji.ac.il 08-9489293
Amit Shama M.Sc. student amit.shama@mail.huji.ac.il 08-9489293
Alon Horesh M.Sc. student alon.horesh@mail.huji.ac.il 08-9489293
Elnatan Golan M.Sc. student elnatan.golan@mail.huji.ac.il 08-9489293
Idan Sabag M.Sc. student idan.sabag@mail.huji.ac.il 08-9489293
Idan Ayalon M.Sc. student idan.ayalon1@mail.huji.ac.il 08-9489293
Inon Yadid M.Sc. student inon.yadid@mail.huji.ac.il 08-9489293
Shlomi Aharon M.Sc. student shlomiaharon123@gmail.com 08-9489293
Elisha Hendel Amirim elisha.hendel@mail.huji.ac.il

Rom Tarshish Undergraduate student romtarshish@gmail.com
Michael Zilberberg Undergraduate student mikezilb@gmail.com
Doron Fleisch Undergraduate student doron.fleisch1@gmail.com

Former lab members:

Alon Shabtay, M.Sc. (2012).

Buzi Raviv, B.Sc. Research exercise (2012).

Avishay Amram, B.Sc. Research exercise (2013).

Gabriel E. Méndez Espitia, M.Sc. (2014)

Amir Pelech, B.Sc. Research exercise (2015).

Eyal Frenkel, M.Sc. (2015).

Aviya Fadida-Myers, M.Sc. (2015).

Aviad Perry, B.Sc. Research exercise (2016).

Maor Matzrafi, Ph.D. (2016).

Tom Kliper, M.Sc. (2017).

Adi Oksenberg, M.Sc. (2017).

Itamar Vilan, M.Sc. (2017).

Siwar Assili, M.Sc. (2017).

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