Climate change and impact research: the Mediterranean Environment (CIRCE)

The FP6 project Climate Change and Impact Research: the Mediterranean Environment (CIRCE) aims at developing for the first time an assessment of the climate change impacts in the Mediterranean area. The objectives of the project are:

  • To predict and to quantify physical impacts of climate change in the Mediterranean area
  • To evaluate the consequences of climate change for the society and the economy of the populations located in the Mediterranean area
  • To develop an integrated approach to understand combined effects of climate change
  • To identify adaptation and mitigation strategies in collaboration with regional stakeholders


Talmon Y, Sternberg M, Grünzweig JM. 2011. Impact of rainfall manipulations and biotic controls on soil respiration in Mediterranean and desert ecosystems along an aridity gradient. Global Change Biology 17, 1108-1118.

Navarro A et al. Regional Assessment of Climate Change in the Mediterranean (synthesis to be published)

Co-workers: Dina Kanas (project technician)

Partner organizations: European Commission's Sixth Framework Programme