a table-top compact x-ray microCT scanner SkyScan 1174. This scanner uses an x-ray source with adjustable voltage and a range of filters for versatile adaptation to different object densities. A sensitive 1.3 megapixel x-ray camera allows scanning of whole sample volumes in several minutes. Variable magnification (6-30 ┬Ám pixel size) is combined with object positioning for easy selection of the object part to be scanned.

MicroCT microCT_turtle suture microCT_turtle suture

Scanning electron microscope

desktop scanning electron microscope JCM-6000 neoscope. This high performance SEM has an intuitive touch panel operation with new GUI, well focused 3D morphological observation, backscattered electron imaging for compositional distribution, with metrology software and the ability to Image tilted and rotated samples. Preparation time is extremely fast, and magnification of up to 40,000-60,000 are possible. Secondary electron images are available at 5 kV, 10 kV or 15 kV, while backscattered images are available at 10 and 15 kV.

Scanning electron microscope

Instron tension/compression device

The 3345 Single Column Instron system is ideal for tension and/or compression applications where tests are less than 5 kN (1,100 lbf). The 3340 Series Single Column Testing Systems provide simplicity, performance, and we use it for whole-bone testing of bones from animals larger than mice. We constructed an attachment for the system that allows testing bone samples in aqueous medium.

Custom-built micro-mechanical testing device

this system is designed for testing water-immersed bone samples at high resolution. The system consists of a linear PI motor with a step of 1/61 microns, a load cell connected in series to the motor and various attachments which allow testing samples in tension, compression and bending. The device is controlled by custom-written LabView code.

Low speed saw

a IsoMet® Low Speed Saw which is a precision sectioning saw designed for cutting various types of materials with minimal deformation. Its low kerf loss capability and great versatility in holding all types of sample shapes and configurations, gives us a precision sectioning tool capable of cutting mineralized biomaterials.

Grinding/polishing device

Metallurgical microscope

an Olympus BX51 reflective/transmission microscope with a high resolution camera (Olympus DP71) and dedicated image analysis software

Finite element analysis

PATRAN software and dedicared station available for creating and analyzing finite element models.