Prof. Yona Chen

Ongoing Research

Anion adsorption on soil organic matter: Boron in reclaimed wastewater and its effects on plant growth.

Composting of agricultural and municipal wastes: Transformations of organic matter and effects on heavy metals availability.

Microbial siderophores as carriers of iron to higher plants: Production mode of action and effectiveness.

Effects of irrigation with treated wastewater on soil properties.

Rhizosphere ecology of plant-beneficial microorganisms.

Completed Projects

Irrigation and fertigation management of soilless culture.

Towards defining maturity of composted municipal solid waste: Transformation of the organic matter to humic substances.

Sustained suppression of Phythium diseases: Interactions between compost maturity and nutritional requirements of biocontrol agents.

Microbial siderophores and their effects on plant growth.

The mechanisms of plant growth enhancement by humic substances.

Humic substances and soil structure.

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