Prof. Yitzhak Mahrer

Recent Publications

Ranmar, D.O., V. Matveev, U. Dayan, M. Peleg, J. Kaplan, A.W. Gertler, M. Luria, G. Kallos, P. Katsafados and Y. Mahrer. 2002. Impact of coastal transportation emissions on inland air pollution over Israel: Utilizing numerical simulations, airborne measurements, and synoptic analyses. J. Geophys. Res. 107(D17) 4331.

Erel,Y., T. Axelrod, A. Veron, Y. Mahrer, P. Katsafados, and U. Dayan 2002. Trans-boundary atmospheric lead pollution. Environ. Sci. & Technol. 36, 3230-3233.

Wineman, E., Y. Lenski and Y. Mahrer.2003. Solar heating of honey bee colonies (Apis mellifera L.) during the subtropical winter and its impact on hive temperature, worker population and honey production. Am. Bee J. 143,7, 565-570.

Shlevin, E., S. Saguy, Y. Mahrer and J. Katan. 2003. Modeling the survival of two soilborne pathogens under dry structural solarization. Phytopathology 93(10), 1247-1257.

Shlevin, E., Y. Mahrer and J. Katan. 2004. Effect of moisture on thermal inactivation of soilborne pathogens under structural solarization. Phytopathology (in press).

Shlevin, E.,Y. Mahrer, U. Kritzman and J. Katan. 2004. Survival of plant pathogens under structural solarization. PHYTOPARASITICA 32, 470-477.

Shilo, E., M. Teitel, Y. Mahrer and T. Boulard. 2004. Air-flow patterns and heat fluxes in a roof -ventilated multispan greenhouse with insect-proof screens over its openings. J. Agriculture and Forest Meteorology 122 (1-2), 3-20.

Weinroth, E., M. Luria, A. Ben-Nun, J. Kaplan, M. Peleg and I. Mahrer. 2005. Air pollution emission inventory survey for Israel. Israel J. Chemistry 46(1), 59-68.

Weinroth, E., M. Luria, A. Ben-Nun, J. Kaplan, M. Peleg and I. Mahrer. Model simulations of ozone formation in eastern mediterranean. J. Environ. Sci. (Submitted for publication).

Shilo, E., Y. Ashkenazy, R. Alon, S. Assouline, P. Katsafados and Y. Mahrer. The effect of wind variability on topographic waves: Lake Kinneret Case. J. Physical Oceanography (Submitted for publication).

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