Prof. Shlomo Nir

Ph.D. Students

Onn Rabinovitz
"From the lab to the field". Decision supporting system for developing new formulations for reducing leaching of anionic and hydrophobic herbicides - (with Prof. Baruch Rubin)

Dikla Zadaka-Amir
Sorption of organic compounds by silicate-immobilized micelles: mechanisms and application to waste and groundwater treatment. - (with Dr. Yael Mishael)

Yotam Gonen
Removal of organic and inorganic pollutants from water. (with Prof. Giora Rytwo)

M.Sc. Students

Reuma Huterer-Harrari
Study of nanocomposites formed by the complexation of an organic cation on vermiculite and montmorillonite, and their application as adsorption medium for organic compounds. (with Prof. Giora Rytwo)

Anat Shtarker
Purification of water from microorganisms by filter containing micelle-clay system. (with Prof. Yaacov Okon)

Daniella Harush
Purification of water from perchlorate. (with Dr. Ellen Graber)

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