Prof. Uri Shani

71603: Soil and Water Salinity

Instructor: Prof. Uri Shani

Course Level: undergraduate
Course Description: Processes occurring in saline solutions and saline soils. Secondary salinization of irrigated lands. Salt movement and leaching requirements. Field and regional salt balances. Effect of salinity on plant growth. Measurement, prediction and prevention of salinity hazards. Soil reclamation. URL:

71626: Crop Irrigation Regimes

Instructors: Prof. Uri Shani, Dr. Y. Cohen

Course Level: undergraduate
Course Description: The soil as a water reservoir for the plant. The range of plant-available water. Production functions and irrigation scheduling. Soil and meteorological factors affecting water requirements. Irrigation regimes. Crop water requirements. Irrigation methods, irrigation timing and irrigation need indices for wheat, corn, cotton, peanuts, tomatoes, potatoes, citrus, apples and roses. URL:

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