Carbolite ELF 11/14B Furnace

The Muffle Furnace

The Carbolite ELF 11/14B is a drop down door laboratory furnace with a chamber capacity of 14 liters and maximum operating temperature of 1100oC.

The pilot lamp of the On/Off switch lights up as you connect the furnace to the supply. Press the switch to activate the temperature controller. The controller goes through a short test cycle.

Close the furnace door and adjust the temperature controller. As the furnace heats up, the Heat-Light glows steadily at first and then flashes as the furnace approaches the desired temperature.

To switch off, set the main instrument switch to O. If the furnace is to be left off, disconnect it from the electrical supply.

The Furnace Control Panel

Carbolite ELF 11/14B Furnace  control panel