List of Equipment

The Mass Spectrometry lab

The instruments offered for use in the Interdepartmental Equipment Facility are listed below under five categories:

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1. Equipment for Chemical Analysis

Make and Model
ICP/AES - axial Spectro ARCOS End-On-Plama
ICP/AES - radial Spectro ARCOS Side-On-Plama
Ion Chromatograph Dionex ICS-3000
Triple Quad LC/MS Agilent 6410 Triple-Quad, with Agilent 1200 HPLC
High Resolution LC/MS Thermo Ltq-Orbitrap, with Accela HPLC .
Single-Quad GC/MS Agilent 5975C MSD/DS with a CTC autosampler
and a Tekmar Stratum Purge and Trap Concentrator
Ion-Trap GC/MS Thermo Polaris Q Ion Trap, with a Triplus Autosampler
Gas Chromatograph Agilent 7890A GC, with FID, ECD and TCD detectors
HPLC Agilent 1200 with Diode-Array and Fluorescence Detectors
Elemental Analyzer Thermo Flash EA 1112 with CHNS and O reactors
Total Organic Carbon Analyzer Shimadzu TOC-VCPH with Total-Nitrogen Analyzer
and Solid Sample Combustion unit.

2. Spectroscopy and Imaging

Make and Model
FTIR Nicolet - 6700 with ATR and DRIFT
UV-VIS SpectrophotometerThermo - Evolution 300
Fluorometer Varian - Cary Eclipse with Polarized Light
Multi-function Plate Reader Biotek Synergy-2 with two injectors
Turbidometer Hach 2100N
Particle Size analyzerMalvern Zetasizer
Gel Imaging System Fuji FLA-5000 with three Lasers
Real-Time PCR Applied Biosystems - 7300
X-ray Film Processor Agfa Curix 60
Gel Documentation systemDNR MiniBis Pro
Luminescence Imaging SystemDNR CL-Bis

3. Microscopy

Make and Model
High resolution SEM Jeol 7800 Scanning Electron Microscope
Low vacuum SEMJeol It 100
Confocal Microscope Leica SP8 Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope
Fluorescent light microscopy EVOS FL Auto
Ultramicrotom RMC power tome
Light microscope EVOS
Binocular Leica
Cryostat Leica

4. Equipment for Sample Preparation

Make and Model
Ultracentrifuge Sorvall WX 90 ultracentrifuge with 5 different rotors
Table-Top Centrifuge Eppendorf 5804 with fixed-angle and Swing-Bucket rotors
Microwave Digestion System Mileston Ethos-1, with high- and low-pressure rotors
Drying Oven Binder WTC FD-53, temp: 30 to 300oC, Vol: 53 L
Radioactive-Sample Oxidizer Packard A-307 Oxidizer for samples tagged with C-14 and H-3
Probe Sonicator Sonics Vibra-Cell VCX-750
Bath Sonicator Elma Elmasonic Cleaner
MicrobalanceSartorius CP2P
Analytical BalanceSartorius CP224S
Semi-analytical BalancesSartorius ED 4202S
Hydraulic Press Specac - Manual, Hydraulic, 15 ton press
"Speed-Vac" Labconco CentriVac
Vacuum pumps Several: e.g. KNF Labport N840FT.18
pH meter Mettler Toledo S20K
Coductivity meter Mettler Toledo S30K
Dry Ice Maker Frigimat
Ice-Flake machine Aishwarya - Migel 165-KF
Liquid Nitrogen Center Four XL-160L dewars
Water Distilling Unit A glass water distiller, preceded by a "Zelion" de-ionizer
Water Purifiers Millipore - MilliQ, and Barnstead - Nanopure Diamond UV.

5. Equipment for Radioisotope Studies

Instrument Make and Model
Beta-Counter Packard 1900 TR Scintillation Counter
Gamma-Counter Packard Cobra-II Auto gamma counter
Gel Imager Fuji FLA-5000 for fluorescence and radioisotope imaging
X-ray Film Processor Agfa Curix 60
Sample Oxidizer Packard 307 sample Oxidizer

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