The ICP Laboratory

ICP Spectrometers are used for multi-element analysis in solution. Most samples have to be prepared for analysis: they are solubilized, hydrolyzed and mineralized, so as to produce clear solutions of inorganic minerals, devoid of organic matter. This is frequently achieved by digesting a sample in a mixture of strong mineral acids using a Microwave Digestion System at high temperature and pressure.

Both of our ICP-AES Spectrometers are used for simultaneous detection of major and trace elements. One instrument is equipped with a 'radial' or vertical plasma torch, while the other has an 'axial' or horizontal torch. The vertical plasma is more robust - it can tolerate higher salt and acid concentrations. The 'axial' ICP, on the other hand, is more sensitive - exhibiting sub-ppb limits of detection for many of the metals.

The ICP-lab

The following equipment is currently available for use
in the ICP-Laboratory:

Instrument Make & Model
ICP-AES (axial) Spectro ARCOS-EOP
ICP-AES (radial) Spectro ARCOS-SOP
Microwave Digestion System Milestone Ethos-1
Muffle Furnace Carbolite ELF 11/14B

An Atomic Absorption Spectrometer and a Flame Photometer are soon to be installed. Additional equipment for sample preparation includes, among else, a table-top centrifuge, balances, hot plates, heating mantles, a drying oven and temperature-controlled baths.

The ICP Laboratory is located in the new eastern wing of the Volcani Building ("New Tzabam"). The Lab Manager is Vasiliy Rosen. You can call him at:   08-9489975 or at:   054-8820558, or send an email to:

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