Prof. Benny Chefetz


M.Sc. students

Tali Ilani (2002-2004) Interactions of Hydrophobic Organic Pollutants with Dissolved Organic Matter from Treated Wastewater.

Adi Oren (2002-2005) Sorption of hydrophobic organic contaminants to sediments of the Kishon River.

Orna Dorot (2001-2006) Sorption of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) to structural fractions of Olive leaf cuticle.

Keren Stimler (2003-2006) Transformations of cuticular materials in soil: effect on sorption behavior of hydrophobic organic compounds.

Michal Sherman (2004-2006) Binding of pyrene to sewage sludge derived dissolved organic matter: effect of metal complexation.

Yasmin Sagiv (2005-2007) Effects of irrigation with treated wastewater on the efficacy and fate of soil applied herbicides in cotton.

Tamar Mualem (2005-2010) Pharmaceuticals in treated wastewater: interactions with dissolved organic matter.

Shai Eldad (2006-2009) Sorption and Transformation of Aromatic Organic Acids by Montmorillonite Saturated with Fe3+ and Ca2+.

Adi Maoz (2006-2009) Binding of the pharmaceuticals naproxen and carbamazepine with sewage sludge derived dissolved organic matter.

Maggie Sela (2006-2012) Sorption interactions of organic pollutants with peat.

Rotem Navon (2007-2010) The effect of dissolved organic matter on the sorption and desorption interactions of carbamazepine in soil.

Daniela Harush (2007-2010) Uptake of carbamazepine by cucumber plants.

Yoni Danor (2008-2011) Fate of pharmaceutical compounds in soils.

Ran Yakir (2009-2013) Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products Uptake by Pepper and Chinese Cabbage Plants Irrigated with Wastewater.

Oshri Bergman (2009-2012) Mobility of Pharmaceutical Compounds in an Agricultural Soil: Effects of Biosolids Application and Solution Chemistry.

Ilya Lerman (2009-2013) DOM-nanoparticles interactions.

Roi Shapira (2010-2012) Nitrate Flux to groundwater under citrus orchards: Observations, Modeling and Simulating Different Nitrogen Application Rates.

Galit Tadmor (2010-2013) Adsorption and mobility of pharmaceutical compounds in loess soils irrigated with treated wastewater.

Amnon Grosberger (2010-2013) Biodegradability of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Agricultural Soils Irrigated with Treated Wastewater.

Hai Haham (2010-2012) Insight into the Role of Dissolved Organic Matter in Sorption of Sulfapyridine by Semi-Arid Soil.

Evelyn Colon de Mello (2011-2013) Uptake and Translocation of the pharmaceuticals carbamazepine, carboplatin and sulfapyridine by cucumber and tomato plants: Hydroponic Study.

Tomer Malchi (2011-2014) Irrigation of root vegetables with treated wastewater: Evaluating uptake and translocation of pharmaceuticals.

Anat Paz (2012-2015) Binding of carbamazepine to soils.

Yehuda Levy (2013-2015) Observations and modeling of nitrate fluxes to groundwater under diverse agricultural land-uses: From the fields to the pumping wells.

Tom Topaz (2013- ) Agrochemicals in coastal streams in Israel.

Orit Salton (2013- ) Biodegradation of Lamotrigine.

Marina Krapov (2014- ) Binding of organic pollutants by clay minerals.

Galit Tadmor (2014- ) Exposure of healthy volunteers to carbamazepine.

Evyatar Mordechay (2014- ) Uptake of emerging contaminants by tomatoes.

Ph.D. students

Yaron Drori (2002-2007) Sorption/desorption of organic pollutants: Effect of irrigation with treated wastewater.

Michal Shechter (2003-2010) - Interactions of organic compounds with plant cuticular materials.

Gal Dvorkin (2009- ) Effects of irrigation with reclaimed wastewater on the efficacy and fate of ALS inhibitors applied in cotton.

Naama Golan (2009- ) Biodegradation of carbamazepine by white-rot fungi.

Yaniv Olshansky (2010-2015) Clay-plant biopolymer complexes as natural sorbents of organic pollutants.

Myah Goldstein (2011- ) Uptake mechanism of emerging contaminants by plants.

Shani Avneri (2013- ) Binding of xenobiotics to DOM and soils.

Maya Angel (2012-) Binding of DOM to carbon nanotubes.


Julius Ben-Ari (2007-2008) LC/MS/MS analyses of pharmaceuticals in crops.

Adi Oren (2010-2012) DOM adsorption to soils.

Yehoshua Maor (2011-) Coordinator, The Hebrew University Center of Excellence in Agriculture and Environmental Health.

Keren Schultz (2013-2014) Residues of organophosphate pesticides in crops.

Ganna Fedorova (2014-2015) Residues of carbamazepine in urine.

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