Dr. Eran Tas

דרוש/ה סטודנט\ית לתואר שני ושלישי

Open positions are available for talented and highly motivated M.Sc. and Ph.D. students with background in exact sciences/ geosciences/ engineering for the following research projects:

1. The role of biogenic volatile organic compounds in regional ozone formation under global warming: investigation in the Mediterranean Basin
a. Model simulation using the WRF-Chem model
b. Eddy Covariance measurements ( BVOCs, O3 CO2 and H2O) and analyses.

2. Ozone uptake by vegetation under semi-arid and Mediterranean conditions
a. Eddy Covariance measurements (O3, CO2 and H2O) and analyses.

3. Irrigation scheduling for row crops using potential evapotranspiration and rain forecasting
a. Field measurements / modeling using WRF- collaboration with Ben-Gurion university (Sde Boker).

4. Improving Israeli wheat productivity under exposure to ozone
a. MS.C student. Field measurements using open top chambers (OTCs) and analyses.
- Priority for students with background in plants sciences for this project

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