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Making Reservations for Instrument Time (for "Self-Service")

We try to allocate instrument-time for the two ICP- spectrometers on a 'first-come, first-served' basis. There might be a waiting list so you should make reservations as early as possible. Before making a reservation, please read the Frequently Asked Questions page. Make yourself a list of the elements you want to determine and the expected concentrations. Make sure that you have all the information about the chemical nature of your samples. We need to know about the presence of high concentrations of acid, total dissolved solids, total organic matter, corrosive ingredients and organic solvents.

With this information at hand, please contact Vasiliy Rosen, the ICP Lab Manager, at:

    Tel. :  054-8820558, 08-9489975


    Skype:  icp_aes

Submission of samples (for "Full Service")

  1. We need to get from you some basic information about your samples in order to select the optimal and safest procedure for sample preparation and analysis. Please read first the Frequently Asked Questions page in order to get familiar with the issues and problems involved.

  2. Please download the Sample Submission Form as a pdf file or a Microsoft-Word file and fill it out. If you need help, use the Instructions Page. For more information call Vasiliy at 054-88-20558, or 08-94-89975.

  3. Bring over the samples and the filled-out form to our offices for registration.

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