Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography

The Agilent 6410 TripleQuad LC/MS

Mass Spectrometers are used to identify the chemical nature of organic compounds, by determining the mass to charge ratio of the molecules and of their fragments. These instruments can also be used for quantitative determination of the analytes, providing that appropriate standards are available for calibration.

Complex mixtures of organic compounds extracted from samples, have to be separated by Gas-Chromatography or Liquid-Chromatography before they can be analyzed with a Mass Spectrometer. GC/MS and LC/MS are hybrid instruments that combine these two functions.

The MS Laboratory is located in the Volcani Building.

The following instruments are currently available for use in the Mass Spectrometry Lab:

Instrument Make & Model
Triple Quad LC/MS Agilent 6410 TQ MS, with an Agilent 1200 HPLC
High Resolution LC/MS Thermo Ltq-Orbitrap MS, with an Accela High Speed HPLC
Single Quad GC/MS Agilent 5975C with a CTC AS and a Tekmar Stratum Purge & Trap
Ion Trap GC/MS Thermo Polaris Q GC/MS with Trace GC and a Triplus Autosampler
HPLC Agilent 1200 with Diode Array and Fluorescence Detectors
Gas Chromatograph Agilent 7890A, with three detectors: FID, ECD and TCD
Ion Chromatograh Dionex ICS 3000 with Coductivity and amperometric Detectors

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Chemist:Dr. Svetlana Kurasov  tel:  08-9489849   email:
Technician:Marina Cherniak  tel:  08-9489807   email:

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