Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope - Zeiss LSM 510

The Microscopy Lab

A Jeol 7800 High resolution Scanning Electron microscope (SEM),
a Jeol It 100 Low Vacuum Scanning Electron microscope and
a Leica SP8 Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope form the core of the Microscope Facility.

The lab is set up for sample preparation for both transmission- and Scanning electron Microscopy.

Einat Zelinger, The lab manager, can be reached at tel: 08-9489207, or by email at:

The lab is located in the Volcani Building.

Work Order Form
Opening an account for microscope usage
Opening an account for nitrogen use and development

The following services are offered in the Microscopy Lab:

Service Instrument Make & Model
Scanning Electron MicroscopyJeol JSM 5410 LV (Low Vacuum SEM)
Elemental Analysis by EDS Oxford Link Isis Energy Dispersive Spectrometer
Confocal Microscopy Zeiss LSM-510, with Argon-Ion and 2 He-Ne Lasers
Gold Coating Polaron Gold SputterCoating Unit
Critical Point Drying BAL-TEC CPD-030
Cryostat Reichert-Jung 2800 Frigocut

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